H2O Can Expand Operations from Germany Into the Us

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Management Pages: 110 (30882 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Work Contracted for the H2O Corporation
By Kibitzer Inc.
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HR600 Human Resource Planning
February 24, 2011
Brian Nisbet

Table of Contents

Background & Introduction

Outline and Review of HRIS Systems

Explanation of Manpower and Technology Needed to Operate HRIS

Assessment of the importance of the HRIS function within an organization Metrics HRIS system can produce for the organization
Best practices of 5-10 US organizations
Key action items for H20 implementation of effective HRIS system Overview of Staffing Methods

Cost per Hire Staffing and Training Requirements

Consideration of Recruitment/Time to Fill Vacancies

Unique/Best practices for Staffing

Review of Training and Development-Strategic Alignment

Cost Analysis of Training Program – In house vs. Consultant

Best Practices for Training and Development

Recommended Training and Development Programs

Overview HR Functions- Outsourced

Benefits/ Cost Savings of Outsourcing

Best Practices- Outsourcing

Key Actions and Recommendations- Outsourcing

Overview of Performance Management Philosophies

Analysis of Best Practices – Theory

Analysis of Best Practices- Applied

Table of Contents (Con’t.)

Recommendation PM Program

HR Budgets- Components/ Elements

Cost Reduction Strategies

Budget Cut Recommendations

Summary of HR Department Budgeting Challenges

Recent Practices from 3-5 US organizations

Review of Typical US Rewards Programs.

Analysis of Best Practices for Compensation, Benefits, and Perks

Consideration of US Taxation requirements (Social Security, Medicare, etc)

Best practices/Unique Compensation Methods for Attracting and Maintaining Employees

Recommendation of Rewards Programs

Sending Home Country (German) Nationals to work in the US

Compensation/Benefits and Contract Overview- Short term (90 day) and Long Term (90 days-3 years) Assignments

Legal Considerations (Visas and Taxation)

Cultural Considerations (Training, Housing, Family, Language, Schooling)

Recommendations- Placing Home-Country Workers in the U.S.



The purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of how H2O can expand operations from Germany into the US. Our research explains and describes the HR Initiatives with US best practices. This paper lays out a conceptual framework for H20 expand operation and the strategic of human resource practices in the US. H20 major concern with expanding into the U.S would be, how well the HR benefits and compensation would work in the U.S although H20 is one of the best companies to work for in Germany. Establishing creditability coming from another country can be costly. Hiring new employees or transferring expats to the US can also be a time consuming process. The HR should have a budget on what they are looking to spend on their employees for payroll, benefits, workers compensation, compliance, exit processes, legal fees and taxes all of these factors play a major part based on the fact the company will be new and there is always a chance of failure. Finding a HRIS system can also be another challenge, although most software’s offer great features these functions may not work in both places which could pose a challenge as well as; communication issues. Location is something that should be considered before making any major moves, H20 would have to focus on an area or location where the business can expand as well as; target the right businesses so that the company can continue to grow. Our recommendation is H2O need outsource for the first couple of years and purchase the right type of HRIS system that will allow them to be competitive and retain their right type of employees...

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"How Technology is Changing Human Resources Management"
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