Growing Old in a New Age Faculty Guide

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groAida I. Rivera
GRT110 introduction to the study of Aging
Dr. Jackie Griswold
Video reaction: 3) Maximizing Physical Potential of older Adults 1) New information gained: Emcees of physical aging good health excuse, because if we don’t exercise our body and muscle get weak as we aging. We have to exercise and good quality of life, if we add aerobic and strengthens its help warn the body for movement. Physical you have to balances your body everyday, balances everything, life styles, but you have to keep balances nutrition a good diabeth, there are tools help you with arthritis, blood presser, diabeth, and sleeping pattern there way that can help us as we aging. 2) New information gained from watching the video? The most important it shows me is that is important keep a daily a role to a healthy life like going to doctor and truth to talk about the changes of aging that’s one way to keep healthy. Keep balances.

3) Any other comments you have regarding the video? Yes I have thank you I think its wonderful aging.

Aida I. Rivera
GRT110 introduction to the study of Aging
Dr. Jackie Griswold
Video reaction: 2) How our body age

Functions, capacity senescence are as normal process understanding the aging process as normal as we aging in the terms as biological theories of aging is a process universal all members experience the phenomenon this are some of the changes first graying hair or sagging wrinkle skin stooped shoulders spot slow walking shuffling gait. The process decline losses must be gradual. The biological phenomena are different from aging distinguish disease to normal aging the wear and tear theory cellular aging occurs as cells slow replications, our body tissues are replaced and regenerated at different stages in life taking any where from weeks to years to complete the process our gins, I know our everything changes our vision, hearing, smell our patter of sleeping, immunological. Like they said in the video, we have to change as we aging .we have to a dot as we aging as long we understand why we live as long we live the better its get. 1) New information gained from watching the video? That satisfaction that I can do something for the future aging and that we can do thing as, we aging that’s find with me, because I like to keep do. 2) How the experiences of the older adults in the video affected your personal view of aging? That I can be a better elder went get there, it’s affected no, I love it, I would a friend at that age.

3) Any comments you have regarding the video? I personally would recommend the video very understands examined the entire important thing you need to know.

Aida I. Rivera
GRT 110 Introductions to the Study of Aging
Dr. Jackie Griswold
Video Reaction: 1) Myth s and realities of Aging

1) Aging is not how you look is how you feel about getting old makes the different, when you get old things change memoirs the way you think and look, some people that will critical you on how you that you show act you age, they will said negate things all is important what you feel and you look. Future aging is how you feel about yourself and your attitude of your and thru you. In the video they said they feel free and take decisions for themselves one said they act as you feel, you could keep doing, what you were doing before went if you are 90 well that different you will be surprise all you have accomplish knowing from where you are and what you have done or came its important to be positive before there was a pyramid, but there a trends the role as parent we play a important role good relationship with the family in very way and different, they feel very proud of their parent the impact baby boom have the demo policies went baby boom want re 75% women will live long than men as the population raisins as we look to the future aging not as a dieses, aging as a grand exist. 2) New information gained from watching the video?

They show me that everything...
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