Going over the Art Video of Ai Wiewie

Topics: Mind, Ai Weiwei, Twitter Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Robert Eisiminger
Ben Rosecrans
Ai Weiwei
The documentary about Ai Weiwei art is extremely idealistic for China. I believe his work is necessarily how it looks but the idea it is trying to spread. Ai Weiwei is trying to change how China thinks, because the Chinese people are neglected of self thought without fear of punishment. Ai Weiwei is not afraid to try and spread the idea of self thought, and just wants China to relinquish its hold over its peoples mind. His work questions what China has done to its history and how it has become a country where everyone is just a machine and does what they are commanded without giving it a thought. Ai Weiwei wants China to be somewhat similar to America because we are able to question our country without fear of us disappearing. When the riots and the persecutions America did to themselves, Ai Weiwei seemed to have felt that’s how China should act like, instead of acting terrible to its own people and slaughtering thousands of lives at Tiananmen square.AI Weiwei is just spreading the idea of how China is being brash to its own people and not conducting human rights. He said that if you have to questions if they are breaking human rights you know they are breaking them (slightly paraphrased). It is obvious how the people agree with them because he got his blog turned off because it was getting to heated and hundreds of thousands of people where following him. China is scared of people getting knowledge that they can’t even go on twitter is just the idea that Ai Weiwei is trying to spread. That China is firm on its grip and that’s China needs to relinquish its grip and have the people choose for themselves.
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