God Is Not a Fish Inspector

Topics: Gerontology, Old age, Death Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: October 4, 2010
I Will Not Age

Ageing is a natural part of life, as humans we age every day. As we age we become weak and our minds and bodies start to work slower. In the story “God is Not a Fish Inspector,” Fusi is determined to live how he wants, without the interference of others. Fusi does not want his freedom to be taken away from him and he does not want to just wait for death. Fusi has different types of conflict with two of the main characters: his daughter, Emma, who wants to punish him for being old, and the fish inspectors, who have taken away his fishing licence due to old age. Most of all Fusi has conflict with himself because he does not want to be put into a seniors home.

Emma and her husband are very demanding towards Fusi and they try to provoke his determination by saying that they only have the best intentions for him, but in reality, he understands that she only wants him out of her life so that she can gain the house, all his possessions and not have to take care of him. “God will punish you,” she promises. Emma says this concerning him going fishing alone in the morning with his age and health problems. She thinks that he should be put in the home across the street because he is 70-years old and frail, but Fusi is determined not to end up there.

The fish inspectors have taken away Fusi’s fishing licence because of old age. Although, Fusi continues to fish, thinking that he is too sly to be caught by the inspectors when he goes to retrieve his nets and fish in the morning. The inspectors are aware of Fusi's daily activities so they do not fine, or approach him because they believe that no harm can come from what he is doing. As a result, Fusi becomes even more determined to not concede to his inevitable fate, and tries to avert his unavoidable ageing process. Fusi has a powerful determination which is influenced by the elderly citizens in his community. The elderly people reinforce Fusi’s character through their everyday lifestyle. He notices their...
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