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Effects of Globalization on Individuals and Communities
Chapter Focus

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Before you begin reading this chapter, give yourself a headstart by previewing the activities at the end of the chapter. Figure 17-1

To what extent should you, as a citizen, embrace globalization? As you continue to explore this Main Issue for Part 4, think about how globalization affects individuals and communities. As you do, consider how globalization affects you personally, as well as how it affects the community in which you live. Today, change is the one thing that is constant in our lives. During your lifetime, you have already seen many changes in your community and in Canada. You have seen how similar changes have spread around the world. The forces of globalization have had a powerful impact on individuals and communities. They have affected patterns of migration and technology. They have raised new issues and controversies about agricultural practices and the sharing of natural resources. The trends and changes that have led to globalization have raised concerns about the growing threat of diseases that may spread quickly around the world. These are just some of the effects of globalization today.

Chapter Issue
In this chapter, you will consider some examples of the effects of globalization on individuals and communities. These examples will help you understand the Chapter Issue: To what extent does globalization affect individuals and communities? Effects of Globalization on Individuals and Communities Migration

Think about the effects of globalization on you personally and on your community. How has globalization affected your quality of life? How has it affected life in your community?


Technology Agriculture Pandemics Natural Resources


Chapter 17: Effects of Globalization on Individuals and Communities

Globalization, Migration, and Technology
Question for Inquiry
• In what ways has globalization’s influence on migration and technology affected people? The modern mobility of the world’s population has produced widespread social and cultural changes. These changes have resulted in the creation of many multicultural communities across Canada and around the world. Within them, individuals assume multiple identities that reflect the attitudes, values, and behaviours of their home cultures as well as those of their adopted communities. In this section, you will examine the ways in which globalization has influenced migration and technology. As you do, you will begin to form an opinion about the Chapter Issue: To what extent does globalization affect individuals and communities?

Ideas and Opinions

[As a result of globalization,] people can migrate to wherever they desire. … As people travel, they bring their culture with them and combine it with that of their new destination. When a culturally diverse group of people live together they learn [about] each other’s race and culture, which helps minimize the racism and discrimination among them. As a result, this helps to strengthen relationships of people from different cultures, bringing us closer together. —Anita Yu, Canadian student, Historica YouthLinks, 2005,

Globalization and Transnationalism
How has globalization affected migration patterns and trends for individuals and communities? Think about the speed and accessibility of transportation and communications technologies today. How have these advances made it easier to travel around the world and to exchange information, goods, and services? How do they bring people around the world closer together? Today, the forces of globalization allow many immigrants and their communities to maintain close ties with their homelands. Cellphones, the Internet, and lower-cost air travel make it easier to maintain contact and to visit friends and family “back home.” Money can be transferred to almost any place in the world easily and quickly....

Links: —Hassan Adamu, former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for Nigeria, in “We’ll Feed Our People As We See Fit,” Washington Post, September 11, 2000.
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