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How many of these competencies do you feel you meet at this point?
Critical thinking, technical skills.
Which competencies do you feel you could develop further? Communication assessments What barriers would you anticipate in trying to develop these competencies? Nervousness around elderly, due to fear of doing more harm than good.

How do you think the demographics of the aging population will affect the need for healthcare professionals in the next decade? By the year 2020, the need for nursing will increase dramatically. The need for learning a second language fluently is going to be a necessity. How might you respond to the questions related to Case Study 2-1 (page 32)? Mrs. Johnson is probably on a fixed income and has to decide which medications she can afford during the month. If her electricity bill or grocery bill increases, then she may not be able to afford her medication. If her medication cost increases, then she may have to buy less groceries, therefore, altering her nutrition status.

Due to the known fact that she has been noncompliant with her medication, shows the need for intervention. Help the patient and neighbor look for drug assistant programs that she may qualify for.

One of the most important questions is to find out how long the patient has gone without her medication or how has she been taking the medication. Some elderly patients will take the medication every other day or once a week to make the prescription last longer.

Reflection on Theories of Aging:

Using the Gene/Biological clock theory, early education and training on regular exercise, diet, adequate sleep habits and limiting other toxins and/or exposure help reduce the wear and tear of cells and therefore compromises the genetic influences. Limit or reduce the actitivity that will “turn on” the gene will lengthen the life expectancy.

Functional consequences theory: The best way for managing chronic illnesses is compliance of medication regimen, daily exercise, reduce unnecessary toxins, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, prolonged sun exposure, etc. As the nurse, early education and training may prevent many chronic illnesses from every occurring.

Theory of thriving: related to patient’s self worth, lose of loved ones, not having anyone to take care anymore, not being able to find a purpose to live any longer.

Ego integrity contributes to older adults’ well-being and reduces the negative psychological consequences that are often linked to chronic illness and older age.

Health Promotion/Maintenance and Living Environments of Older Adults:

Many elderly patients have a hard time maintaining autonomy and deal with the health risks and problems. They are faced with having to rely on others to daily tasks and many are forced to living with relatives and/or retirement homes to assist with ADL’s and medical issues.

Initiate balance and strength training, do home safety inspections and implement safety measures, monitor medication and adjustments.
Psychiatrist for assessement of Alzheimer/Dementia, Nutritionist, elder abuse prevention, Pharmacist to assist with medication management and prevent polypharmacies.

Promoting Quality of Life:
Quality of life is dependent of ability to maintain autonomy and independence. If autonomy and independence is taken away, then the person becomes depressed suffers poor mental health and therefore resulting in more physical ailments and accidents.

Daily exercise and having contact with other people to socialize increases mental health as well as physical advantages. Exercise strengthens bones and muscles preventing falls and injuries. Also, being around other people and family will also boost mental health and give the elderly person something to look forward and plan for.

As a healthcare provider, monitoring of medication adherence and compliance is important. Some steps to help ensure is:
Promote self-efficacy
Empower patients to...
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