Geriatric Health Care

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Geriatrics Pages: 5 (1696 words) Published: March 7, 2013
To improve medical care and reduce mortality rate, the population of the world is moving into the old. Life style due to its ability to prevent disease, improve quality of life, increase life expectancy and improve the physical health and not valid, is of paramount importance. Advances in medicine and health in the second half of the twentieth century, the Relative increase in human life, and through them, the population And consequently the number of elderly people who need care Medical, has increased. As stated in the report, “the nursing profession has the potential capacity to implement wide-reaching changes in the health care system … by virtue of their regular, close proximity to patients and their scientific understanding of care processes across the continuum of care, nurses have a considerable opportunity to act as full partners with other health professionals and lead in the improvement and redesign of the health care system and its practice environment.” Objectives:

In recent century, consider to the success of health interventions in changing pattern of diseases, elderly people particularly in developing countries, had a highest rate of growth. Thus, maintaining and improving the health and quality of life in elderly people as a vulnerable population are considerable. In this assignment two different type of geriatric assessment were compared with each other . Body:

In this study a Geriatric Assessment Form was chosen from the Interne and it was compared and critiqued with health assessment forms used in PPUM Geriatric Ward. Form contains: History, Review of Systems, Physical Examination, Impression and Plan in 7 pages. In general is one of the good assessment forms which consider most of the important parts of assess but the negative point is that it has been not considered some of the most important details which found the basis of geriatric health cares. In the following sentences it will be pointed some of them. In the first part, History, collecting data are started with Biographical data which contains very brief and general information about the character of the patient just it does not point first, who has made appointment? Although it asks about Source Of Information, Source of referral is one of the most important data can help us to find whether there is any concern about patient safety or ability to live independently and also who has the complaint or concern. Second, has patient come alone or with family? Third, what is the source of income? After that, there is a blank for Chief Complain which gives us a direction to make a care plan according to priorities. Another thing seems has been forgotten is Appearance. Notice to appearance if patient has lost weight or be malnourished. By asking what patient ate yesterday can check on the oral health or any teeth missing, dentures or gum disease. Next, in Past Medical History on the second page, need to be a question about any devices patient uses such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, canes, walker or etc. If yes, the family or patient should be asked to bring them. At the bottom of page 2 patient is asked about activities and any risk of fall where as it would be perfect to put one separate part as a Functional Assessment which is the most important part of Geriatric Health Assessment. It is followed by ADLs, IADLs and Mobilises. Activities of Daily Living – Basic ADLs

ADL’s are essential for self-care from basic level to advance. Normally, it is clear that if a patient cannot perform those she or he needs more assistance (i.e. few days’ assistance for bathing or full time help for transferring). “Katz ADL is the most appropriate instrument to assess functional status as a measurement of the client’s ability to perform activities of daily living independently. Clinicians typically use the tool to detect problems in performing activities of daily living and to plan care accordingly. The Index ranks adequacy of performance in the six...
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