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HRM 370 | Case 1 | Group “E”


Prepared for:

Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed
Faculty Member,
School of Business,
North South University, Bangladesh

Prepared by:

S. M. Tanveer Saad
ID no. 041-154-530

M. Tanvir Hossain
ID no. 052-077-030

Md. Mahmodul Hasan
ID no. 062 339 030

Md. Tanjim Haque
ID no. 062 340 030

Anwar Sadath
ID no. 062 345 030

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed
Faculty Member,
School of Business,
North South University,

Subject: Submission of the case analysis on Gametronics.

Dear Sir,

Here we have the case solved as a requirement for the HRM 370 course. We have worked with utmost enthusiasm, since the experience has augmented and assisted us integrate our knowledge about elucidation and execution of the approaches we have been taught so far and implement them accordingly.

We anticipate learning some real life lessons and first handing knowledge on Managerial Skills Development during further course works. We would be delighted to furnish you with any details, if required.

Thank You
Yours sincerely,

S. M. Tanveer Saad (ID: 041-154-530)

M. Tanvir Hossain (ID: 052-077-030)

Md. Mahmodul Hasan (ID: 062-339-030)

Md. Tanjim Haque (ID: 062-340-030)

Anwar Sadath (ID: 062-345-030)
Executive Summary:

From the Background we understand that, the case is about Gametronics. Since the opening of this video game industry, it is faced with declining profits, and is attempting to secure growth in sales through its primary developing market. It’s facing with a lot of problems in the competitive business world including a risk of possible hostile acquisition.

Internal/External Needs Assessment of this case plays a significant role. We have discussed about some internal strengths and weaknesses, with some external opportunities and threats. To survive in the changing environment Gametronics needs to know or be aware of what are its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that it can take advantages of its strengths and opportunities to eliminate or decrease its weaknesses and threats. Thus the company will be able to achieve positive synergy.

Existing arrangements tells us what are the current arrangements existing in Gametronics. We have discussed about the existing arrangements of the leading video games manufacturer company ‘Gametronics’ with pros and cons.

In this case Imminent Training & Development Plan will show us the picture for justification of possible solutions, and why we have chosen that as a solution for Gametronics. The Development activities here reflected the following criterias: Identifying employee development needs, directing toward organizational goals, undertaken only when they are the most effective way to attain these goals. These are solidly designed, as the current state of Gametronics will allow, and carefully administered and thoroughly evaluated in the case solution.

The following Proposed Training & Development Realization section discuses the means having effective implementation of major T&D decisions taken by the management, so that Gametronics gets the right time to penetrate into the market with right strategies and right human resources. Here we have evaluated employee development effort by realizing the employee development plan. The allocation process is done in three phases. We have also suggested how, when, who, and where the Gametronics will implement these strategies.

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Since 1990, Gametronics Inc. has served as a leading worldwide manufacturer and wholesale distributor of videogame products - offering a wide array of software, hardware & accessories. In 2004, the PLAYTECH brand was successfully launched at the E3 Show in Los Angeles,...
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