Fraud Examination

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Field Preparation
March 7, 2013
Unit Nine

When it comes to the paralegal profession, there are a wide array of options in which you can take your career. The paralegal industry offers promising opportunities and continued growth for those looking to enter the profession for the first time, change careers, or advance to higher-level paralegal positions. I feel that the paralegal profession is one of the professions that constantly demands workers, while other career choices seem to remain constant or falter during economic downturns. Given the above average expansion rate of this profession, aspiring paralegals who want to enter the legal industry, such as myself, are finding that with the correct education and training, there are multiple job opportunities. Paralegals often perform many of the same tasks a lawyer would, but are prohibited from engaging in tasks considered to be within the scope of practicing law, such as giving legal advice or presenting cases in court. As a paralegal, frequently doing the research required for a case, investigating all judicial decisions in previous court cases, finding appropriate laws and legal articles to ensure all relevant information is gathered. You are typically responsible for organizing and analyzing the information gathered and then preparing reports used by the attorneys, for deciding the most effective course of action in a particular case. There is always a plus side and a negative side to any career. A number of work environments are available for paralegals, with most employed in a corporate legal department, private law firm or government office, with many full-time positions offering full benefits. If you enjoy a challenge, paralegal duties can offer plenty of diverse intellectual stimulation. Salaries for paralegals vary widely and are dependent on the type and size of the employer, training, education and experience, with the average falling around $46,000 annually as of May 2008, ("Paralegal salary,"...

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