Four Dimensions of Human Resource Management Practices

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“Outline the four dimensions of human resource management practices, including specific examples of human resource practices within each area”.

The four dimensions of human resource management practices are: Managing The Human Resource Environment, Acquisition and Preparation of Human Resources, Assessment and Development of Human Resources, and Compensation of Human Resources as stated by Noe et al (2010). These four practices help companies deal with the competitive challenges (e.g. global, sustainability and technology) they are faced with.

Managing The Human Resource Environment
Managing the Human Resource Environment is a crucial tool, which encompasses of compliance issues, companies objectives and the work environment. Here, the merger of the mentioned pointers will ensure in the smooth running of daily operations. Looking at compliance issues, these will mean that companies would need to operate inline with the government and laws of the countries where businesses is carried out. These will include tax compliance, operating within active license, work permits and employment act amongst other concerns. For instance, in Singapore’s Employment Act (Cap 91) Part IV, Chapter 38(b)(i) it states that: An employee who is engaged in work which must be carried on continuously may be required to work for 8 consecutive hours inclusive of a period or periods of not less than 45 minutes in the aggregate during which he shall have the opportunity to have a meal

Hence, it is mandatory for companies operating within Singapore boundaries to give employee a break after having worked for a maximum of 8 hours continuously. Moreover, the work environment and job scope would need to be conducive to allow maximum work performance and returns to the company and its customers. However, while defining job scopes and environment, it will need to be custom tailored to the employees and not just the company’s objectives.

Acquisition and Preparation of Human...
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