Topics: Old age, Gerontology, Middle age Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Title: Comparisons of Folktales of Si Tanggang with Current Issues Folktales are the old time story that bring a lot of moral values in the stories itself. In the previous time, folktales used to be an entertainment for the children and the adults. It was told by a man called ‘penglipur lara’ using his own creative style while telling the stories to the audience. Folktales are often passed down and retold from generation to generation. Sometimes, there are folktales that can be compared with the current issues that happen in our life as it is also a story about life and only different in era with our life today. There are many differences and similarities between the folktales Si Tanggang and the articles of Mothers Left at Old Age Homes Condemn Ungrateful Children. There are two similarities in both of this stories. They are similar in terms of irresponsibility. In the folktales of Si Tanggang, he shows irresponsibility in taking care of his parents when he did not come back to his parents when he became rich. He forgot his promise that he made before he left the village. Meanwhile in the articles of mothers left at old age homes condemn ungrateful children, the elderly mothers said their children had abandoned them without visit or contact them since they first sent to the old folks home. Moreover, Si Tanggang shows his irresponsibility in taking care of his parents when he did not want to confess his parents in front of his princess wife just because they were poor and wore tattered clothes. On the other hand, the children of the elderly mothers in the article shows their irresponsibility when they show ingratitude when she is growing older and really needs them. They gave her harsh treatment and sent her to the old folks home. There are also differences in both of this stories. They are different in terms of rebellious. First, in the folktales of Si Tanggang, he shows his rebellious when he hurt his mother by making her fell to the floor. Deruma,...
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