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Analysis of Retail


• Introduction
• Verticals in Retail
• Formats in Retail
• Retail Growth Drivers
• Key Success Factors
• Evolution of Organized Retail
• Beauty and Wellness
•Overview and Market Sizing
•Key Success Factors
•Project Economics
• Profitability across Verticals
• Analysis of Business Models
• Color Televisions
• Departmental Stores Vs Hypermarkets
• US vs India Comparison
•Cash and Carry - Segment Analysis
•Jewellery Retailing – Segment Analysis
•Footwear Retailing – Segmental Analysis
•Organized Retail: Growth Projections
•Profitability Outlook

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Retail defined
• Retailing is a distribution channel through which goods are sold in small quantities to the final consumer.
• A retailer is typically a reseller, who buys products from a manufacturer / supplier / distributor and sells them to the customers.
• Generally, no significant changes in characteristics of the product are brought about by retailers.
• However, a manufacturer may also be a retailer if it sells its products directly to the customers.

Organised retail - defined

• Organised retailing has been defined by CRISIL Research as a form of retailing

whereby consumers can buy goods from a similar purchase environment across

more than one physical location.


Scope of the research
• This research attempts to analyse the structure and outlook for the 'organised retail industry' (excluding tobacco products as they use specialised channels of delivery). • Services like beauty salons, multiplexes, restaurants, etc. have been kept out of the purview of this definition, though they may be available at the same location (such as a mall).

• The analysis covers different store formats, including single product stores, departmental stores, cash and carry and malls.
• The analysis of goods retailed includes different categories and sub-categories of products such as food, grocery, apparel, household appliances, footwear, beauty products, home decor and books etc.


Verticals- Levels of retail

• Organised retail can operate at three levels, which are as follows: • Level I : Specialit stores catering to a particular category of products. • Level II: A departmental store, supermarket or hypermarket catering to 2-3 categories of retail.

• Level III: A mall, which is an agglomeration of departmental stores, hypermarkets and speciality stores.

Levels in retail


Levels in retail
• Speciality stores cater to a specific type of product, which has been indicated as Level I in the diagram above.
• Two or more segments from Level I come together to form Level II stores. • Food and grocery and household goods from Level I together form supermarkets (Level II). Some supermarkets also stock over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. • Similarly, a hypermarket stocks food and grocery, apparel, household items, durables, footwear, accessories, electronics, furniture, etc. • A departmental store will cover products with a lifestyle proposition and will have branded clothes, footwear, home decor, durables, high-end jewellery, watches, etc. • Level III consists of malls.

• It comprises stores both from Level I and III.
• In addition, malls also have beauty parlours, restaurants and food courts, entertainment zones and multiplexes (including huge parking areas), with effective mall management systems and activities in place to attract footfalls.


Players operating at different levels


Players operating at different levels


Players operating at different levels
• 'High Streets' are another type of prime venues for shopping. • The High Streets are set up at prominent locations within a city which attract large footfalls due to the presence of organised retailers.

• On account of its prime location and the intensifying...
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