five challenges of human resource manager

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1.0. Five Challenges faced by Human Resource Manager in Organization and Ways to overcome 1.1. Finding and Retaining Talent
1.2. Change Management
1.3. Investigating Employees’ Complaints
1.4. Relationship Management
1.5. Managing Cultural Diversity

2.0. References


1.2. Finding and Retaining Talent
Human resource is an important resource of a company as important as capital. It could be pivotal for a company in enhancing the company’s competitive advantage. This is because the most challenging task of human resource manager is to retain recruit and the right people for a suitable position and having such people in the time they need it. Hiring of appropriate personnel is one of the key determinations in making the company difference from others. In current environment, the talent that needed by the company is limited even the labour available is usually more than the position available in the market. This make the human resource faced with challenges as they are indirectly competing with other companies’ human resource in order to attract and retain the talent in their company. To stay outstanding from other companies, it is depending on the ability of the human resource to continuously finding new ways to maximize the level of talent in their company especially the knowledge-centric companies. But, such task is not easy to accomplish in the current competitive market. Besides that, retaining existing talent is also one of the challenging tasks for human resource manager. Again, due to the increase in competitiveness of the market, some companies may offer better benefits for the employees that they wish to hire in order to attract those employees to quit their current job and work for the new company. Hence, the human resource manager needs to put effort and find new creative ways in order to retain talent in their companies. To solve such challenges mentioned above, the human resource manager may offer a custom-made or more liberalized system that less restricted the employees. For example, decentralized the company so that those employees are empowered and allowed to give suggestion and made decisions which in turns made them feel they are appreciated by the company; add creativity to their job design so that they feel motivated to come across different challenges; offering additional benefits such bonus or voucher that is out of their expectation; providing them better working conditions by designing a healthy entertainment area (such as gym) for employees to relax themselves; and others. 1.3. Change Management

One of the functions of human resource is to improve the position of business or to assist the business to achieve certain improvement. In order to carry out the improvement activities which conducted to adapt with the changing business environment, certain changes may be made to the corporation, especially technology changes. In managing such changes, the employees may resist to change as they are afraid that their responsibilities and their positions will be replaced by the new technology that is introduced into the company where such new technology may improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work. Hence, the role of human resource manager is to deal with this resistance issue. However, it is not easy to change people mind. This issue has becoming one of the biggest challenges face by the human resource manager. To reduce or overcome this issue, before the corporation implement any new changes, the human resource manager shall communicate to the employees to explain the reasons to change and benefits that could gain through the change as well as the constrains so that the employees may have proper mental and physical preparation before they approach to the changes in the corporation. Besides that, the human...
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