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Old age home elderly survey report
Sumit Agarwal

Sumit Agarwal


A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of PGPM Program of IBS Kolkata

Distribution List:
Company Guide -Anuradha Sen.
Faculty Guide - Ajay Pathak.

Date of Submission: 30-05-2015

I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout the course of this SIP. I am thankful to IBS for their aspiring guidance, invaluably constructive criticism and friendly advice during the project work. I am sincerely grateful to them for sharing their truthful and illuminating views on a number of issues related to the project. I express my warm thanks to Mr. Ajay Pathak, director IBS. I would also like to thank my company guide Mrs. Anuradha Sen, HelpAge India joint director(Kolkata) and all the other people form Help Age India who provided me with the facilities being required and conductive conditions for my SIP.

The greying of the global population has become a matter of concern for planners, scientists and the common man alike. The world’s most populous nations, China and India, account for a third of the elderly (60+) on the earth. The United Nations in response to the situation convened the world assembly on the status of the elderly, first in Vienna 1982 and subsequently at Madrid 2002, to formulate Action plans to address the challenges of an increasing elderly population and life expectancy.

The Government of India too addressed this issue in 1999 and a National Policy for Older Persons (NPOP) and an Action plan were formulated. The Action plan was without any budgetary provisions. The NPOP has mostly remained on paper and only recently a few states have announced a state national policy. Among these are states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Assam and Rajasthan. In 2007 Parliament passed an Act to ensure maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens.

In this background, with the estimated rapid increase of the elderly population in India, projected to reach 100 million by 2011 and 120 million by 2014, 1 the issues of elderly can no longer be the concern of only those directly involved. Legislators, policy makers, media professionals and others all need to be aware and conversant with issues of this very large and rapidly growing segment of population in the country.

Old age is the last stage of human life span, squire with decreasing energy and body resources. Socially, this stage was considered as the sum total of one’s lived experiences. Hence, the society offered a space of respect to the old. In such a society, the aged were the repositories, transmitters, and sole authorities of wisdom and knowledge. All these provided a ‘golden age’ concept to this stage, old age. But the present society does not perceive old age with such golden age conceptions. There are many measures that determine the social conceptions of old age. There are many means to provide knowledge and wisdom.

Old is not the mere and necessary component for the transmission of knowledge. Besides, many fear old age and consider it as a matter to be handled with care and attention. In a developing country like India, especially the state Kerala, old age has become a serious social issue nowadays. The change in conception of old age is the theme of the present study.

Purpose of the Report
To measure the satisfaction of the elderly level and quality of life living in old age homes and to analyze, with different facts as to how HelpAge India is different from other old age homes.

Scope of the Report
Scope of the report is to analyze the different ongoing programmes of HelpAge India and to differentiate between HelpAge India home and other...
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