Fdi in Retail Sector

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India is in the midst of a retail boom. The sector witnessed significant transformation in the past decade from small-unorganized family-owned retail formats to organized retailing. Indian business houses and manufacturers are setting up retail formats while real estate companies and venture capitalist are investing in retail infrastructure. Many international brands have entered the market. With the growth in organized retailing, unorganized retailers are fast changing their business models. However, retailing is one of the few sectors where foreign direct investment (FDI) is not allowed at present.

FDI in retail industry
FDI in retail industry means that foreign companies in certain categories can sell products through their own retail shop in the country. At present, foreign direct investment (FDI) in pure retailing is not permitted under Indian law. Government of India has allowed FDI in retail of specific brand of products. Following this, foreign companies in certain categories can sell products through their own retail shops in the country.

It is a very positive step and it will encourage international brands to set up shop in India. On the other hand, this will also lead to competition among Indian players. It will be the consumers who stand to gain,'' This would not change the market dynamics immediately as it will take some time for these plans to frutify. The growing dominance of multinational companies in the country's $200 billion retail business, had warned that any move to increase FDI in the retail sector would ruin the business of small and medium traders scattered over the country .Organized retailers in India are opposing the entry of MNCs in retail trading because of their predatory pricing strategy that wipes out competition, when the Government decides to allow foreign players to enter the retail space, it should first restrict them to lifestyle products segment before permitting them to spread their wings into other areas like grocery marketing that has a direct impact on `kirana stores'. FDI in retail trade has forced the wholesalers and food processors to improve, raised exports, and triggered growth by outsourcing supplies domestically. The availability of standardized products has also boosted tourism in these countries. FDI in retail sector has been a key driver of productivity growth in Brazil, Poland and Thailand. This has resulted in lower prices to the consumer, more consumption and higher profit for the producer.

Foreign Direct Investment - Impact and Analysis

Market liberalization, a growing middle-class, and increasingly assertive consumers are sowing the seeds for a retail transformation that will bring more Indian and multinational players on the scene. The big Indian retail players looking to expand their operations include Shopper's Stop, Pantaloon, Lifestyle, Subhiksha, Food World, Vivek's, Nilgiris, Ebony, Crosswords, Globus, Barista, Qwiky's, Café Coffee Day, Wills Lifestyle, Raymond, Titan, Bata and Westside. Well-established business houses such as Wadia, Godrej, Tata, Hero, Malhotras, etc., are drawing up plans to enter the fast-growing organized retail market in India. According to reports, Reliance Industries Ltd plans to enter the retail business in a big way and has identified 18 cities, starting with Ahmedabad, to set up malls. It will spend Rs 30-50 crore on each mall, that are to be modeled after those in Dubai and East Asia. The international players currently in India include McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Levis, Lee, Nike, Adidas, TGIF, Benetton, Swarovski, Sony, Sharp, Kodak, and the Medicine Shoppe. Global players are entering India indirectly, via the licensee/franchisee route, since Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is not allowed in the sector. Despite all these developments, the organized retail business still comprises a small proportion of the total size of the Rs 9,00,00-crore ($200 billion) retail sector. Retail...
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