Fdi's in Retail Sector in India-a Special Focus on Farmers.

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DASARI.NIVAS. (Research Scholars)
Dept Of Economics, Kakatiya University.

FDI’S IN RETAIL SECTOR IN INDIA - A SPECIAL FOCUS ON INDIAN FARMERS. The Foreign Direct Investment means “cross border investment made by a resident in one economy in an enterprise in another economy, with the objective of establishing a lasting interest in the investee economy. FDI is also described as “investment into the business of a country by a company in another country”. Mostly the investment is into production by either buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country”. Such investments can take place for many reasons, including to take advantage of cheaper wages, special investment privileges (e.g. tax exemptions) offered by the country. Major benefits of FDI :

(a) Improves forex position of the country;
(b) Employment generation and increase in production ;
(c) Help in capital formation by bringing fresh capital; (d) Helps in transfer of new technologies, management skills, intellectual property (e) Increases competition within the local market and this brings higher efficiencies (f) Helps in increasing exports;

(g) Increases tax revenues
Retail has played a major role in improving the productivity of the whole economy at large. The positive impact of organized retailing could be seen in USA, UK, and Mexico and also in China. Retail is the second largest industry in US. It is also one of the largest employment generators. It is also important to understand that Argentina, China, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and Thailand have allowed 100% FDI in multi brand retail. These countries benefited immensely from it. Also small retailers co-exist. The quality of the services has increased. China permitted FDI in retail in 1992 and has seen huge investment flowing into the sector. It has not affected the small or domestic retail chains on the contrary small retailers have increased since 2004 from 1.9 million to over 2.5 million. Take for example Indonesia where still 90% of the business still remains in the hand of small traders. FDI IN RETAIL PRESENT STATUS:

51% FDI in multi brand Retail and 100% in single brand is put hold till the time consensus is reached between the political parties. There is stiff opposition being seen within the UPA allies in context of FDI in retail. Also opposition party is seeing this as an opportunity to get the political mileage. REASONS FOR ALLOWING FDI’s IN RETAIL MARKETS

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) complements and supplements domestic investment. Domestic companies are benefited through FDI, by way of enhanced access to supplementary capital and state-of-the-art technologies; exposure to global managerial practices and opportunities of integration into global markets. Government had instituted a study, on the subject of “Impact of Organized Retailing on the Unorganized Sector”, through the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), which was submitted to Government in 2008. The ICRIER study indicated significant benefits for various stakeholders, such as consumers, farmers and manufacturers, arising from the growth of organized retail. Based upon the study, as well as the experience of other countries, it is the Government’s assessment that implementation of the policy permitting FDI, up to 51%, in multi-brand retail trading, is likely to facilitate greater FDI inflows into front and...
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