Explain 2 Theories in Relation to the Development of 2 Individuals. M2 M3 D2

Topics: Gerontology, Ageing, Death Pages: 5 (1780 words) Published: June 5, 2013
The two theories of ageing

The worlds oldest marathon runner
The worlds oldest marathon runner is called Farju Singh, he has finally just retired at the age of 101.He ran his first marathon aged 89 to overcome depression after the death of his wife and his son. This proves the activity theory and, by staying active, will have a major effect on all parts of his development. It will effect him physically because it will improve his health and delay or stop it from deteriorating. It will improve his life expectancy and his day to day life. Because he is staying active this will improve his health in terms of his day to day acivities, he will have more energy and find it easier to do things like go shopping and go for walks. Being a marathon runner will effect him socially because he won't be stuck in his house all day having no contact with the outside world. Instead, he is going out, meeting new people and keeping in contact with the world. Keeping active will effect him emotionally because he is less likely to suffer from depression again while his mind is on other things like running the marathons. Because he is going out, meeting new people and staying busy, he won't constantly think about the bad things that have happened or are happening in his life like the death of his wife. Keeping active will keep his mind of these things and give him something to focus on.

If Farju Singh was to stop running marathons and just sit in his house or a care home all day, this would affect him physically because he wont be keeping active and getting enough excercise so his health would deteriorate and his weight would increase. It would affect him emotionally because he might not have anyone to talk to and also, he wouldnt have anything to use as a release. Exercise is often used as a method to get anger out or to deal with emotions and if he didnt have that, his mental health might be affected and detoriorate. It would affect him socially because he wouldnt have as many people to talk to as he does when he's excercising. If he's stuck in the house all day, he might lose contact with his friends and family and be alone all the time. This in turn would affect him emotionally because it might make him upset that he doesnt have anyone to socialise with.

Bruce Forsyth is a TV presentor and has spent 72 years in showbiz. He is 85 years old and is currently still presenting Strictly Come Dancing. Working at such an old age would benefit him in a variety of ways. Physically, he is a lot more fit than he would have been if he was just in his house all of the time. He will have a beter healh than someone his age who isnt working or staying active. It will affect him intellectually because he is constantly around new and different people so he will always learning new things. It would affect him emotionally because he will have a lot more people to interact with than if he wasnt working, he is less likely to get bored and he willhave less time to think about bad things that have happened. It will affect him socially because he will always be meeting and interacting with new people, which will keep him interested.

If Bruce Forsyth didn't still work this would affect him physically becasue his health would deteriorate. He wouldnt be moving as much so therefore would become out of breath more easily and doing day to day activities would become increasingly harder. It would affect him emotionally because he wouldnt be interacting with the outside world, he migiht start to feel alone, this might affect his mental health as it does in so many older adults because they feel closed in. He would be more likely to suffer from a mental health disease like dimentia.

How the Social Disengagement Thory will have an impact on health and social care services The social desengagement theory will have a huge impact on health and social care services becasue a lot more people will have to be treated for various things. More older people would have...
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