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Topics: Karl Marx, Marxism, Communism Pages: 9 (3395 words) Published: October 9, 2013
I. Title
Karl Marx’s Concept of Classless Society is Unattainable and Impractical

II. Introduction
We are living in a society where there are rich, not so rich, and poor people or we can say that we have the class in the society called the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. In reality we have this stratum. Many of us believe that those rich people become richer and those poor people continuously become poorer. It is one of the reason why the concept of Karl Marx about the classless society is ideal wherein there will be no classes and people will all be equal in the society. The concept of classless society has been elaborated by Karl Marx, the father of Marxist philosophy which is the basis of the communist ideology. Classless society refers to a society in which no one is born into a social class. It is a society without the antagonistic classes or strata. It means a society in which the classes with opposing interests such as the land owners and the landless, workers and management, freemen and slaves, the rich and the poor, exploiter and the exploited, capitalists and laborers are not found. In a classless society there should be an attempt to abolish all classes. Classes should not exist. Society must be conducted in such a way that the higher class or the evils of classes are liquidated. Privileges should be enjoyed by everyone. Society must aim at social justice where all will enjoy the equality of opportunity. Karl Marx idea was indeed a good one. His idea about the classless society is being talked of in the past even in the present. It is an ideal society where there will be no class or strata and all the status of people are equal. But can we really speak of a classless society?

III. Thesis
Karl Marx has been regarded as the champion of communism and an advocate of “classless society.” Marxism is often known as a “philosophy of social revolution.” Marx never aspired for a revolution just for the sake of a revolution. He wanted to establish an egalitarian society know for quality and social coherence. He intended to see a “classless society” free from all types of exploitations. Classless society means a society without the antagonistic classes or strata. It means society in which classes with opposing interest such as the land owners and the landless, workers and management, freemen and slaves, the rich and the poor, exploiters and the exploited capitalist and laborers are not found. Such type of society never existed in the past Marx was sufficiently aware of the existence of classes. In Communist Manifesto he said that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” makes it evident that he knew that classes exist even in the beginning of history. In spite of the awareness of the existing class, Marx was having a dream in his mind. Since this society is hard to achieve, a revolution must happen between the rich and poor people or the capitalist against the workers. It cannot be attained in a peaceful way because those rich people will not give the control over the poor and the will not give up their wealth. He believes that class struggle would help the establishment of classless society. There are some circumstances that favor the existence of classless society. As Marx stated, when the human society reaches the capitalist or the bourgeoisie and the working class or the proletariats, their interests’ always in clash and conflict arises. This conflict will be the reason for the social movements and revolutions. Marx believe that when the dictatorship of the proletariat happen it will lead to the transformation of society and this will culminates in the establishment of the classless society wherein no people are richer than the others. There will be no classes and all will be equal. There will be no leaders or powerful over others, but all will have the equal opportunity and privileges.

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