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Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Store manager Pages: 10 (3253 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Journal of Naval Science and Engineering 2009, Vol. 5 , No.3, pp. 79-90

THE IMPORTANCE OF RETAIL SITE SELECTION IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT AND HYPOTHETICAL APPROACHES USED IN SITE SELECTION Ph.D. Mustafa KARADENİZ, Nav. Cdr. Turkish Naval Academy Director of Naval Science and Engineering Institute Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkiye mkaradeniz@dho.edu.tr Abstract Choosing a location in retail is a strategic decision which is dificult to return. Enterprises has to be sensitive while choosing location, especially features like population, economic and competition difficulties must be considered. After coming of big supermarkets in our market, number of shopping centers has increased. In this study, points that enterprises have to care about and some hypothetical approaches used in practice are presented.

Pazarlama yönetiminde perakende yer seçimi çok stratejik ve geri dönülmesi çok zor bir karardır. İşletmeler yer seçiminde nüfus, ekonomik ve seçilecek yerin rekabet edebilme özelliklerine göre çok hassas karar almak durumundadırlar. Büyük süpermarketlerin ülkemiz pazarına girmeleriyle birlikte mevcut alışveriş merkezlerinin sayısında artış meydana gelmiştir. Bu çalışmada, işletmelerin perakende yer seçiminde dikkat etmeleri gereken hususlar ve uygulamada kullanılan kuramsal yaklaşımlara değinilmiştir. Keywords: Marketing, Retailing, Choosing retail location. Anahtar kelimeler: Pazarlama, Perakende, Perakende yer seçimi.


The Importance Of Retail Site Selection In Marketing Management And Hypothetical Approaches Used In Site Selection

1. INTRODUCTION Retail site selection is a very important decision. First, a location is usually one of the most important elements customers use in choosing a store. Second, when chosen, a retailer must live with the site for many years because it is expensive. Lastly, because great sites are acquired by other retailers, it is mostly hard to find them.[1] Response to the question of ‘What is the most important three things in retail is; location, location and location. Location is very important element for customer to prefer a store. Location is also competition advantage which is not easy to simulate. For a retail enterprise, location may result as succeess or failure. But a good location is related with target market, rivals and costs.[2] At retail business, achievement or failure is related with the features of trade area surrounding the location. Sales in retail stores are not only related with the numbers of families and people next to the trade area, but also the costumers come from abroad.[3] Lastly, the site may be in a shopping center. In such a case, the retailer can generally be sure that it will have the suitable mix of neighbors, sufficient parking places, and fine traffic. But, in some cases, the retailer must realize the situation in which the center is not correctly planned. It is hard to gain in a shopping center where most of the places are not hired.[4] The critical side of channel strategy is the location of store. Proper places give chance to easy transportation, attracts lots of customers and they change customers shopping and buying concepts. Among the retail stores which sells almost the same goods, the ones in different locations, may have a big portion on market share and profitability. Retailers have to be careful while choosing store location because of two reasons. First of them is that it is a so important element for customer choosing store,. Most of us would buy food from the store which is closest 80


to us. Second of them is, location is important for retailers to exploit development survivable competition advantage. Retailers can easily change prices, services and good diversity. Nevertheless it s not easy fort them to change their conclusion about the location. Because they realize so important investments to develop or...

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