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Topics: Shopping mall, Color, Mauritius Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: December 21, 2013
Write a story which includes the sentence: ‘I could not believe how much the place had changed Since last year.’
Port –Louis is the capital of Mauritius and it is about 20 killometers from my residence. The climate is usually hot there. Last year I went abroad for my ‘IT’ information technology course, after the completion of which, I return to my country for a vacation. I went to Port louis for a trip and ‘I could not believe how much the place had changed since last year.’While travelling in a brand new bus I saw some unfamiliar buildings of hospitals, colleges and radio stations.The buildings were all one of a kind in their structures and colours. I was glad to find that I was traveling on a new road and that there were significantly less polluting cars on the highway compared to last year. On my way, I noticed that most of the vehicules were elecrical ,among which some were some electrical sports car such as the Porsche Spyder 911 convertible. I came out of a ventilated bus and reached the pavement. I was enormously pleased to see a new shopping mall called Bagatelle which was the biggest of the country island in term of size. I left the wonderful colourful trees and flowers of various species behind me as I entered the Mall. Inside, it was marvelous and beautiful. I found several technology shops operated by robots and a flying skate board shop which had all the products which I always wanted to have. There was a tremendous food court. I went to eat in a huge fastfood called a Mac Donald for the first time. Then I left Bagatelle and went for a stroll on the streets of Port-louis.I looked upwards and I was amazed to admire some of the highest skyscrapers I have ever seen.These were beautifully architectured with some unique shapes. I could not figure out how most of them were built.The glasses on theses skycrapers were constantly changing colour. I kept watching these Skyscrapers for some moments while people were moving in a blured motion to...
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