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Topics: Old age, Middle age, Gerontology Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m here at the Senior Citizens Community Centre today to discuss a very important issue that affects us both. That issue being the generation gap. So does the generation gap really exist? And can we actually learn anything from each other? I will be discussing what I have learnt about these generational differences between us from watching the series “When Teenage Meets Old Age” | So for those of you who haven’t heard of it, “When Teenage Meets Old Age” is a series produced by the BBC, that was a serious attempt to highlight and bridge the ever growing generation gap in the UK and demonstrate that they can learn from each other’s experiences. The vast differences between the generations in England is causing a communication breakdown; this documentary series aims to explore these differences by forcing the two generations to confront each other and try to understand what each represents. The series focuses on four young people who volunteer to work at a retirement village and tried to challenge intergenerational perceptions. These differences in generational perspectives became apparent throughout the series.| To my surprise, I learnt that older people, like yourselves, can keep up with us teens and have a good time as well. For instance, Roy an eighty three year old sees a goodnight out as a night at the local bowls club. He is introduced to and spends time with Zoe who is twenty four years old. He ended up in a bar singing karaoke in the early hours of the morning. And Betty spent a week with nineteen year old Jace, who is fifty four years younger than her where she was introduced to surfing, both on the web and in the ocean.| The issue of acceptance of different races was also visited in the series, with some of the older generation admitting they were on a steep “learning curve” when it came to the issue. Margaret, who is in her eighty’s was not the only one to admit it. She said she had “no connections with people who...
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