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What is Computer Sciences all about? Well Computer Sciences is a very big field to study. Some of the main branches include Origins, Foundations, programming, Arithmetic’s, Computer Engineering, Coding and much more. Also one of the common programming languages is C++ programming which was created by Bjarne Stroustrup’s. Seeming how Computer Sciences is a very big field we will talk about the main parts of it.

“Computer Science, the study of the ways computers are utilized both to collect and to disseminate information. The discipline of computing has been characterized by the Association for Computing Machinery as “the systematic study of algorithmic processes-their theory, analysis, design, efficiency, implementation, and application-that describe and transform information.”” (Denning 1). The roots of computing has been traced back many centuries and extend deeply into the fields of mathematics, science, and engineering. Computing and mathematics, and combining all this for engineering has been done for thousands of years. For example back in roman times they would use a lot of pulley and lever systems to move large objects very often this of course requires them to be very skilled in mathematics to correctly distribute the weight. Also it dates back to Greek scientists tracking the stars as well. These scientist made machines that can perform simple math problems but also even more in-depth. These Greek scientists made machines that could perform algorithms to track stars and the rising and setting of the sun and phases of the moon and such.

In Computer Sciences , the digital computer plays a huge role in computer sciences because it’s a universal computing machine. “With enough memory a digital computer has the capability of simulating any information-processing system, provided the computer’s task can be specified as an unambiguous set of instructions” (Denning 2).

Also in computer sciences you need to be able to perform algorithmic thinking....
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