English 101 Slp2

Topics: Girl, Police, Shopping mall Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: July 18, 2013
Module 2
Daisha Manuel

Saturday Evening my plans were completely ruined because it was raining so hard and it was so windy that the rain hitting me felt like blades cutting my face so my outdoor plans were canceled. I went to the mall to hang out for the evening, sitting in the middle of the food court so I can have a good view of everyone around me.

A tall skinny brown haired girl with sand washed jeans ripped at the knees sitting with a three red haired girls got up to talk to a guy coming into the mall through the food court. She turned back to her friends laughing as they shooed her to talk to the guy. She started to walk slowly in his direction making a detour to the trash can to throw away a gum wrapper to the piece of blue gum she just ate before talking to him. Standing at the trash can she leaned over to make sure her green and brown shoes were tied and tugged at the back of her green shirt to make sure she had no skin showing. She flipped her hair and walked towards him with an odd grin. She got closer, she was hesitant to actually get his attention. She seemed to be physically nervous of him. He was as tall as a doorway entrance and muscular in a gray fitted shirt with black athletic pants and black tennis shoes. He had freckles that complemented his round face.

The closer she got to him the redder her face got. She got so close to him that she could reach out and touch him. The young man turned around to her small hand slapping him across his right cheek so hard her hand print remained on his face. He reached for her with anger written on his face when two police officers grabbed her and slammed her so hard into a table that one of gold earrings fell out her ear and onto the floor while her face was pressed harshly into the table. The two police officers began to drag the girl out of the mall as she cursed and kicked viciously at the guy she slapped standing in the middle of the food court holding his face red...
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