Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management

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MR. Vamsi Krishna

The management of Human Resources has now assumed strategic importance in the achievement of organizational growth and excellence. As globalization advances and we move into the information age, organizations need to adapt to the changes in technology and the changing issues in management of people.

Some critical issues have clearly emerged - planning, acquisition and development of human resources, responding to the demands of the work place and, above all, evolving a strategy of dealing with industrial conflict. As a management practice, it covers all the conventional areas of personnel management and industrial relations, as well as the relatively new areas such as communication, counseling, training and development, and job enrichment. An attempt has been made in this paper to point out the experiences on the emerging issues in managing human resources.

The Changing Nature of HRM Function

Today, competitive advantage is based on the successful application of knowledge. Managing people, as an HRM function, has broadened, to include managing organizational capabilities, relationships, learning and knowledge. These functions include four generic areas, i.e., (i) Roles, (ii) Relationships, (iii) Strategic focus, (iv) Learning focus. These areas are different from each of the economy functions, like traditional, transitional and knowledge.

Innovate HRM

Crafting creative business strategies
Organizational restructuring
Creating social networks
Invoking new challenges
Shifting approach
Enabling companies to go global
Leading to superior performance
Creating knowledge work force
Human Resource Information System (HRlS) for Effective HRM

In today's competitive business environment, the cutting edge for any organization is given by the speed with which it takes decisions to respond to changes in the environment, internal or external. A well-designed computerized HRIS alone can provide the information and analysis within the shortest possible time. Now-a-days, many organizations are using the computerized HRIS. They keep records in a compact manner, enabling access and retrieval, in a flexible way.

Benefits of HRIS

Simplified data entry
Less paperwork
Fast and accurate
Better use of feedback
Increased efficiency
Improved tools for data analysis
HRIS has great significance in every sector and it can play a vital role. It helps to have a better communication process in the organization and we can offer better service with less effort at reduced cost. Most importantly, organizations can hire and retain top performers, improve productivity and enhance job satisfaction of the employees.

Aspects of HRM

Human Resource Planning
Transfer & Planning
Job Analysis
Performance Appraisal
HR Audit
Total Quality Management
Quality of Working Environment
Quality Cycle
HRM in the Present Scenario

¯ Low motivation or mounting frustration

¯ Promotions are consolations for transfers

¯ Cadre conflict

¯ Reward and punishment system

¯ Development of strong training system


Human Relations is called HR also known as Human Resources. Managing HR is called Human Resources Management (HRM). Developing HR is called HRD. HRM is a philosophy, while HRD includes the activities and processes undertaken to promote the intellectual, moral, psychological, cultural, social and economic development of the individuals in an organization, in order to help them to achieve higher human potential as a resource for the community. It is a continuous process by which the employees are assisted in a planned way to develop capabilities.

Trends in HRM

An organization's labour force comes from its external...
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