Electronics Human Resources Management (E-Hrm)

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Electronics Human Resources Management (e-HRM) is one of the most critical tools for analyzing businesses for the next step in business strategy. Even the tiny, no more than 30 staff in an office is necessary to explore the advantage of using e-HRM to achieve higher efficiency. Many companies do not understand how much time and cost they are spending on traditional human resource management (HRM) tasks until they brainstorm and try to save their time. E-HR can provides valuable potential for a wide variety of uses including employee self-service, the production of reports, the sharing of information and the administration of functions (Pass, 2002).VHR offers a network-based structure built on partnerships and typically mediated by information technology(IT) to help an organization acquire, develop and deploy intellectual capital(Lepak and Snell,1998).Therefore, e-HRM is evaluating to be its information technology(IT) field .One of the major reason why using e-HRM is that global competition is giving more and more stress on managers in United State to increase the speed and the quality of decision making. Moreover, providing more funding in information technology usually result in faster and better management decision making.( Broderick, R. & Boudreau, J.W. ,1992)

More and more senior managers started to use e-HRM to improve the performance in Human Resources .Hussain, Wallace, and Cornelius (2007) discovered that the norm, irrespective of company size can be increased gradually for senior HR professionals implementing the systems of e-HRM and this had led to the HR profession providing a value-add for the company. The main objectives of this paper are to:

-Understanding the Electronic Human Resource Management
-Types of Electronic Human Resource Management
-Theoretical Perspectives
-Example of using Electronic Human Resource Management
The paper is written as follows. First and foremost, we provide a understanding basic concept of e-HRM ,how it works and the uses of computers. Then we will describe the three types of e-HRM and explain the theoretical perspectives with example. Lastly, we recap the conclusion and provide suggestions for organization in the future. After reading this paper, we will see the importance of implementing electronic Human resource information systems.

a. Structure of your paper
1. Present the major concepts or real world problems you want to address

Understanding Electronic Human Resource Management

Nowadays, the concept of e-HRM is still unclear no meter how senior mangers frequently using them. In fact, e-HRM is the (planning, implementation and) application of information technology for both networking and supporting at least two individual or collective actors in their shared performing of HR activities. (Strohmeier, S., 2007).The aim of e-HRM is to provide the potential improvement of services to HR department stakeholders. Apart from this, the operating and transferring of computerized HR information is also called electronic human resource management. It offers companies to reduces costs and provide more sufficient information to employees in a shorter and more efficient way. Especially in economic downturn, it becomes the key for companies to be more efficient in every section of their business. The majority of the computer applications are to manage employee personal records and payroll. A common payoff to such investments was more efficient information management.

Type of Electronic Human Resource Management

Three major type of e-HRM like operational, relational and transformational were revealed by Lepak and Snell (1998).

Operational e-HRM is involved in supervisory function like employee personal data and payroll. Many Human Resources activities such as pay and benefits service to the Internet are rearranged by many firms in order to achieve higher efficiency (Perrine, 2001). In traditional way, the basic salary,...
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