Elderly people should be sent to old folks homes for better care. What is your view?"

Topics: Old age, Geriatrics, Elderly care Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: February 15, 2014
Some people claim that elderly care should be provided by nursing homes these days. In my opinion, senior citizens are advised to live with their descendants by dint of their needs of emotional support as well as the responsibility of younger family members. To begin with, one reason for the elders to stay with their families is that they are likely to suffer loneliness if they reside at nursing homes. While nursing homes are capable of supplying a variety of professional service, they fail to provide a sense of community for their residents. In fact, senior people have to integrate into an alienated environment unlike their formerly surrounding. Besides, various people struggle to establish friendships with their roommates due to characteristic differences. Coupled with living away from their family members and friends, it seems that their loneliness is potentially fostered. Additionally, it should be noted that younger members of the family are suggested to take responsibility for their elders. Elderly people used to experience a hard time of raising their children and grandchildren. Furthermore, they were responsible for teaching initial lessons for their descendants such as how to speak and how to behave. By taking care of the elders, in turn, can the young generations express their respect and gratitude towards their seniors. In most Asian countries, looking after the elderly people is regarded as an obligatory duty of individuals. That is to say, from a moral perspective, it is essential that older adults should stay with their families. To sum up, I would have to reiterate the necessity of the elderly people living with their family members. Not only do they feel a sense of interaction, but also their descendants will have an opportunity to show their filial piety
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