Elderly: Gerontology and American Geriatrics Society

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The elderly in America have many needs that can range from transportation, a little more money, and even just a little companionship but one of their major needs is advocacy. They need someone to stand up and fight with them for what the need. The elderly of today did so much for this country such things as fight both world wars and the Korean Conflict, they fought for equality, and the escalated this country to the greatness we have today.

So what is an advocate? Advocate is a person or group that represents a common interest and goes to great lengths to see that their cause is not neglected. So why does our elderly need advocates? Our elderly need advocates for various reasons. They need someone to fight with congress over healthcare cost and issues, they need someone to defend them against neglect and abuse, and most of all they need someone to make them aware of the services and programs available to make their lives easier. Advocates are very important to our elderly as well as they should be no one wants to be alone, we all want someone to fight beside us. So who does stand up and fight for our elderly?

In all parts of the United States there are Offices for the Aging to assist our elderly with obtaining the services they deserve. The Office for the Aging was created to promote self-determination, self-promotion and self-sufficiency among the elderly. They also wanted to make seniors aware of the services available to them and their families. Over the years that Offices for the Aging has existed they have created networks of connections in many aspects with in each of their communities. Through their broad range of connections they can assist any one with any problems. Most people feel as though the Office for the Aging is nothing more than a referral agency. There could be nothing further from the truth, Office for the Aging offers a wide variety of services but if they do not offer a service that you need they can and will refer you to an agency that can. One of the services that the Office for the Aging offers is Social Security counseling. This is a big service because of the changing laws and the complexity of the laws it is tough for many elderly to understand properly obtain all of the money they are entitled to. Office for the Aging can also go to your Social Security hearing for you if you wish that they do so. The Office for the Aging offers legal services to seniors who need legal help but cannot afford the high cost of a lawyer. Another service offered is protection against abuse and neglect. Many people such as family, friends, neighbors, and strangers who are scam artist, robbers, and murders can abuse the elderly. They also can be neglect by the same people but there is one more person on this list that is themselves. An older person can often neglect themselves because they don't have the money to pay for extra bills and proper healthcare or they may even feel that those things are just a part of aging. The Office for the Aging receive many calls from concerned family members and friends of elderly that they feel that that person is being neglected or abused. The office then will investigate and review the situation and decide the proper course of action. They also provide financial counseling on things like taxes, bills, balancing a checkbook, and budgeting. Financial counselors will sit down with an older person either in their office or at the home of the elderly person discuss the best option and how to go about following through with the plan. The Office for the aging also can assist in finding proper care centers when an older person either cannot or decide they do not want is in the community anymore. They help to decide on what type of facility will be in their best interest. The type of care center they decide on could from a board and care, a assisted living home, an adult home or even a skilled nursing facility. One of the most important services that the...

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