Effects Of Ageing M2 M3 D2

Topics: Gerontology, Sociology, Old age Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: January 4, 2015

Effects on Ageing Part 2 (M2, M3, D2)
Blackmore and Boneham, M, (1994) Case Studies
Mrs C had a daughter but she had left home to start family and get married she had a lot of free time on her hands. Mrs C was uncomplaining, active and had a lot of friends which represents the activity theory. She had a lot of friends in England because she had been born in India and then moved over so that her family could have a new life. After her daughter had moved out she moved back to India to see her friends and family a couple of years after living there she began to lose her mobility due to this she began to lose contact with some of her friends and didn’t go out as much this represents the social disengagement theory. The activity is when an individual still has routine and is still able to go out with their friends and is still able to socialise, whereas the social disengagement theory is when you are no longer able to get out the house and meet up with friends and still stay active this could be due to you having a disability or having to care for a relative. M2-The advantages of social disengagement theory is that it allows the individual to prepare themselves for the growing isolation they will feel when they are older, it also allows for them to spend more time with their family members or their spouse and also focus on the things that they might have been dreaming of doing things when they need to and maybe they don’t really mind of not going to see their friends they might just want a laidback life. This relates to Mrs C because she went back to India to see her family friends so that she could see them and spend time with them. The disadvantages of social disengagement theory is that some individuals will become less mobile so it will be harder for them to get around and to do stuff such as go and see their friends or family members and do everyday things and then this could lead to depression because they can’t do certain tasks that they used to be able to...
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