Effective Management of Human Resource

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“ Effective Management of Human Resource is essential for the prosperity and welfare of an organization, a society and a nation”. In the light of this statement describe the role of Human Resource Management.

Personnel Management is the field of management which has to do the planning, directing and controlling the functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labour force so that the objectives of organization, personnel and society are served to the highest possible extent. Human Resource Management can be defined as managing, planning, organizing directing and compensating human resources resulting in the creation and development of human relations with a view to contribute proportionately to the organizations, individual and social goals.

Human Resources play a vital role in the development process of the modern economies. Arthur Lewis observed that there are great differences in development between countries which seem to have equal resources because some contries lack in proper exploitation of the resources which is possible only through a committed manpower which is more significant than anything else. Infact all development comes from the human mind and it is the human resources responsible for making use of the national resources. Just because a Nation is having enough human resource will not result in effective use of the national resources but if the human assets are organized and directed to make use of the national resources in a planned manner it will improve the economies. It is the role of the personnel/Human Resource Management to plan, procure, organize, direct and control the human resources in an organization to achieve the organizational objectives.

An analysis of the definition shows that the organization along with it’s individual goals has social goals also. And the role of the Human Resource Management is directing the human resources to achieve all such goals of an organization. The role of Human Resource...
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