Effective Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Unit 501 Effective communication
| Use and develop systems that promote communicationCommunication is a two way process, it is sending and receiving message. Communication only becomes effective when conveyer and the recipient understand each other what has been expressed. There are many different forms of communication such as Verbal, Non-verbal, Talking, Listening, Written, Interpreting, Sound and Vision (Television and Radio), Sign language / BSL, Pictures, Symbols, Body Language, Facial expression, Noises, Hand gestures, Blinking, Electronic (Email, Text). Body languages play a big part in our communication. Body language speaks louder than words and therefore dictates how people react to you and how you perceive them. Listen carefully to what the person is trying to tell me something. Look at their body language. Allow the person time to get their message across. Always respond to a person who is saying something, never acceptable to walk away without responding.In the Care Home I need to communicate with the Manager, staffs, Day Centre Support Worker, service users, service users’ family and friends, GP, Nurse, Hospital, Social Worker, Council Authority, Fire Authority, Bank, Post Office, Care Quality Commission, Safe Guarding Adult and Other agencies who are stake holders of care home.  I always explain to the person what I am going to do before actually doing it. Always involve the person in the decision making process. I speak clearly, using terminology that is appropriate to that person. If English is a second language, the person may well lose the ability to speak, read or comprehend English. As we have multicultural staffs we have the ability to use some of our staff members’ language skills to overcome the barrier if we come across a service user whose English is not his/her 1st language. We could also use sigh language or picture to communicate and that can be with even with English speaking service users. Positive interactions with...
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