Effective Communication

Topics: Communication, Criminal justice, Hearing Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Effective communication
Communication; in the form of speech is a very powerful tool that’s used by everyone. It can be used by major powers tom dictate opinion; it is used by businesses to conduct business transactions, deals etc. And it’s also used by the average person Listening is a vital element of communication and it is very much different from hearing sense of human. A meaningful communication requires both a good listener and a speaker. However, the effect of a listening style may vary depending on the occasions and situations a listener is in. Sometimes, speaker exhibit ineffective style such as defensiveness, ambushing, pseudo-listening, stage hogging and selective listening in their communication tracks. Barriers to Effective Communication

Even though an individual’s backgrounds and beliefs can affect the process of communication, one must utilize the different processes and components to achieve effective communication. Because barriers block the listening process causing misunderstanding that may block the flow of information between individuals. Therefore, this misunderstanding may blur the lines of communication utilized within the criminal justice system. The basic concept of communication is interaction between two or more people that results in the passing of information. However, for this process to happen effectively one must understand the different methods and standards required to achieve the process because without this knowledge one may miscommunicate information. Therefore, to assure that the receiver receives the information correctly one must understand the effects of interruptions and when backup your information for clarity. n order to communicate effectively you must attack complex ideas, however this, requires skills beyond basic conversation. Ineffective or poor communication is frustrating for many employees. Managers must make sure that they state their opinion, ideas. Communicated should be transmitted amongst employees...
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