Education in America

Topics: Education, Standardized test, 21st century Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: January 2, 2013
.Being the world power it is today, United States is the land of freedom, and opportunity. But is it really? We have been lacking behind in the place that matters most: education. Finland currently has the best performing education system in the world; they are number one in literacy and number two in math proficiency. United States on the other hand, is number seven in literacy and number 27 in math proficiency. Education isn't the same as it was fifty years ago. Times have changed, and so has the economy. Getting a college degree is no longer a guarantee of a job, and getting an education has become more tedious with standardized tests around every corner. Reforming public education requires two steps: teaching skills that will be useful in the new generation, and getting rid of standardized testing.

"How do we educate our children to take place in the economies of the 21st centuries?" asks Sir Ken Robinson, international advisor on Public education. When we can't even predict the economy at the end of the week, how can we guarantee our kids a job? Fifty years ago students knew; if they did well, they could easily obtain a job. In the current time though, there is no job security. In addition to that, schools don't allow the collaboration, the problem solving and the flexibility needed to operate in the current job market. The problem is, the system of public education is conceived for a different day and age. Globally, schools are now more focused on technology and science, the driving force behind modernization. America's colleges are the highest quality colleges in the world, and they are doing quite well in the changing world. For public schools to reach that level, they must be willing to change their methods and standard. Kids of this generation carry iphones and ipads; they are ready for a faster paced learning environment. "Asking these students sit in a desk and listen to a teacher is like ramming a square peg into a round hole"...
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