Economic Globalization

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The impact of economic globalization on China

Table Report Content
1.1. What is economy globalization?
1.2. What is reason causes economy globalization produce?
1.3. The important of economic globalization for China
2. Body
2.1. The perform of economic globalization in China
2.2. China joins in WTO
2.3. China’s production and industry connect with economic globalization —Case study: US-China Trade Relations
2.4. The opportunity and challenge of economic globalization for China 2.5. Effects:
The advantages of economic globalization for China
The disadvantages of economic globalization for China 2.6. Solution
3. Conclusion
4. Reference list

Free trade has been proven to be beneficial for the global economy, but no one has ever proven that free trade for a country is a best policy. Tibor Scitovsky

Economic globalization has become an irreversible historical trend in the modern country,and it has been shaping the world in a profound way.Especially since the 90s of the 20th century,this trend even become more and more strong.Any country want to get the rapid development in today’s society,they must seize the opportunity of economic globalization.But at the same time,they also need understand that economic globalization has the advantage and disadvantage.We can correct use it positive side,and make full preparation to cope the harm.

Several aspects will be considered in this report,From the essence and characteristics of economic globalization departure,i would analysis the impact of globalization on the Chinese economy, discuss the current challenge for the Chinese machinery, electronic, other production , and make put forward some appropriate coping strategies.By research on the economic globalization for China,this report also will connect something about the Ronald Wright’s book,especially “processing trap”this concept.

 The trend of economic globalization is a distinct characteristic of our time. It is an objective law of productive forces independent of man’s will. So far, human have tasted blood from economic globalization. The economy of many countries has leap forward in recent years. The impact of globalization on China’s economic growth is far-reaching. During the past 20 years, China’s international trade expanded 16 times,the rank in the world become more and more higher,evidence in the GDP increased.More and more China’s companies also get bigger and stronger,China's rapid development of industrialization make it become a economic superpower in a short time.We can see that China depend on economic globalization achieved significant economic growth.

 The globalization has been bring some benefit for China’s economic,on the other hands,China also influence the globalization,it has produced a double effects.Economic globalization promote the reasonable use of cheap Chinese labor.From another point of view,it prevent the development of China’s innovative technology,be bad for the update of industrial development.(2012)

The aim of this report is helping us study about the economy globalization,for the Chinese guys they can know something about their country and world’s situation,it also will talk something about “progress trap”,connect with book apply the author’s knowledge to all.

1.1. What is economy globalization?
The economic globalization already has been penetrated into every corner of the world,include our life.Everyday when we get up from the bed,we through the newspaper,magazine,television or mobile phone read the news,we can see many interesting information about...
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