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5 Paragraph Essay on “the Happiest Day of My Life”
By The Wisdom Post on November 14, 2012 in Essay
Life is truly unpredictable. Some days are very good, some days are ok, some are bad, some days are boring and full of irritation and some days are truly magical and mesmerizing. These beautiful and magical days of our life make life worth living. Even the remembrance of those beautiful and happy days brings a smile on our face. One such day of my life was 31st December 2010. It was the happiest day of my life. That time my Christmas Holiday was going on and I went for shopping with my mother to a shopping mall. There at the entrance of the mall was a man who was selling lottery tickets, the gifts for prize winners were also unique- first prize was a car and a special card with which one could shop up to one lakh at the same shopping mall, second prize was a ten day holiday trip to Europe with family and Rs. 50,000 cashes and the third prize were 3 days Goa trip and Rs 25,000 cash. I don’t know why but my sixth sense told me I have better chances of winning the first prize, so I ask my mother to get a lottery ticket for me. At first my mother was reluctant to buy the ticket, but later on she agreed when I continually irritated her by my requests and kept on saying her please, please, please all the time! After purchasing the lottery ticket, I came to know that the winners will be announced today itself. And when I inquired about the time of the announcement they said within half an hour the winner will be declared. Luckily I was last person buying the ticket, as after that the counter was closed. While my mother was busy shopping, I was waiting for the announcement of the winners and visualized my name being announced as the first prize winner. It was truly a magical moment when my name was announced as the first prize winner within half an hour. Neither I nor my mother could believe it. We both were ecstatic. It was really the most beautiful moment of my...
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