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What is retailing?
 The word retail is derived from French word
“retailer” which means Cut of apiece or to break
 It is the first point of customers contact.
 Any organization selling to the final customers
whether it is a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer
is doing retailing.

Big players in the retail sector

Aditya Birla Retail Ltd.
Arvind Ltd.
Bata India Ltd.
Big Bazaar.
ITC Ltd.
Koutons Retail India Ltd.
Pantaloons Retail Ltd.
Raymond Ltd.
Reliance Ltd.
TCS Textile Private Ltd.
Unilever India Export Ltd.
Vishal Retail Ltd.

Growth of retail in India-2011

Recent trends in retailing.........

 Recently number of branches of the central shop have

increased in India to sell the goods to the consumers.

 Every big company has established their branches to

serve more and more customers. Example; Big Bazaar,
Vishal Mega mart, Reliance Fresh etc.

Vending Machines
•Use of vending machine is
increasing day by day.
•It is generally installed in
shopping centre, malls and
at other public places like
bus stand, railway station.

•These days packaging is
getting more and more and
more importance as it
attracts the customer and
creates the value for the
product in their mind.
•Use of plastic instead of

After sale services
 Prompt, courteous and efficient after sale service,

enables the seller to increase his reputation and
satisfaction of consumer.
 These days company is giving more and more

importance to after sell service, to attract and retain
the customer, and creating value for the product.

Trading Stamps
 During sever competition, retailers offers sales

incentives to attract customers.
 Discount sales, gift coupons, trading stamps are

example of such incentives. These days it is important
to make good customer relationship.

Types of retail formats in India....

Department Stores
 It consists of different sections, such as clothing,

sporting goods, automotive supplies, health and
beauty products and electronic equipments.
 Some departments also sells foods.

Grocery Stores
 It sells pre-packaged dry foods products as well as

perishable items like produce, dairy and meat
 It also sells stationary supplies, cook ware, health and

beauty products, greeting cards.

Speciality Stores
 It sells specific types of merchandise like, jewellery,

electronic equipment, toys etc.
 It may be small, independently owned operations or

large stores that are part of retail chain.

Box Stores
 Box stores are also known as warehouse store, sells

merchandise packed in large quantities that feature
lower cost to the consumer.
 They appeal to the shoppers who wish to buy

frequently-used items in bulk to save money.

Online Stores
 With the advent of the internet age, online stores

allows shoppers to make purchase from home or at
office by using a computer or internet.
 Consumer browse through retailer's online catalogue
which feature photos of the merchandise and written
description of the product and customer can order and
make payment.
 Examples are, www.jabong.com, www.flipkart.com

Others formats are.....
 Mom and pop stores: These are family owned

businesses, with small collection of goods and
 Malls: Examples are Amanora mall, Seasons in Pune,
Spencer Plaza in Chennai, Forum Mall in Bangalore.
 Street Vendors: Street vendors or hawkers who sells
goods on street are very famous in India. Through
shouting out their wares they draw the attention of the
 Hypermarkets: Examples are Saravana stores in Chennai,

Big Bazaar and Reliance Fresh

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