Does Child Labour still exist today?

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Does child labour still exist today?

1. Does child labour still exist in Britain?
-Yes, child labour still exist but there is very few. After the Industrial Revolution, people realized how bad child labour was and tried to stop it. However, despite their efforts, there are still child labour going on in Britain for example, Primark, an Irish company, is using child labour in 2008.

2. What countries does it exist?
-Child labour is around the world and not many countries ban child labour. There are a lot of child labour in poor countries especially in Africa and Asia. The 10 top countries with the worst child labour are Ethiopia, Pakistan, Burundi, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea and the number one, Myanmar.

3. Companies using child labour
-Coca-cola, McDonalds, Nestle, adidas, Gap, Nike, Wal-mart, Disney and Victoria's Secret are a few of the many companies using child labour.

4. What are the working conditions in Nike?
- Nike has also been accused of child labour in Pakistan for making footballs. Even though Pakistan is against child labour and slavery, the government has done very little to enforce it. An average person in Pakistan earns only $5 per day; usually with families up to 10 people. With such low pay, child labour is spreading all over Pakistan since the parents can’t earn enough to support the entire family. An entire documentary was filmed for this but the government didn’t do anything to stop it. No one is trying to get these kids out of labour and into school. Education is very limited in poor countries and is a low priority. About half of the world’s footballs are made in Pakistan and there is a very likely chance that a child was involved in making the ball. This is not only a problem in Pakistan but 200 other countries as well. Some ages 4-5 are already working.
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