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TOPIC: Distribution
The current topic is about distribution while the main article will explain about Apple’s distribution strategy to expand their international market through innovation of strategies of the retail stores. Previously, Apple was prefers to open their retail shops around the customers’ neighborhood or busy commute places such as Grand Central stations. However, recently Apple has stated its plan to open their retail in prestigious shopping centers such as Harrods, London (Gurman 2012). On 2012, Apple also planned to open more retail stores in historical building in several countries such as Canada, Germany, and Spain. The local government has been approved this plan (Kahn 2012). Apple even planned to expand in Brisbane’s historical building, the McArthur Chambers and Apple claimed that the store will be the Apple’s largest shops in the country (Macnn 2011). The company’s retail strategies have been dubbed as the most successful compared with its competitor these strategies are also attributed to Apple’s triumphs at branding strategy. In this case, Apple stores have been fame of its minimalist designs and clutter free zone. The management team of Apple nicknamed these stores as ‘Significant Stores’ and admit that this is also one of their distribution strategy (LaVallee 2009). Apple has adopted several distribution strategies for both local (USA) and international market to attract more consumers such as low cost overseas manufacturing and shipping by establishing network with some companies in China, where the production and distribution costs are lower than US (in this case-shipping cost, then the products are stored in warehouses in USA. The other strategies are involving the retails. Apple is well known to use independent stores, rather than use existing electronic retailers as distribution channel. Their reason to choose these strategies is to provide retail shops that are more emphasized to customer needs rather than products which lead to...
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