Diffrence Between Personnel Management and Human Resource

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1. Discuss the difference between personnel management and Human Resource Management. Ans : The genesis of Human Resources Management traces its roots to the erstwhile Personnel Management that was prevalent in the companies of a few decades ago. Though the two terms 'Personnel Management' and 'Human Resources Management' are interchangeably used by most of the authors, there are some differences between them. Management of Human Resources is a new field of study embodying behavioural science knowledge relating to the working of line and staff officials and union leaders to motivate organizational goals. On the other hand, Personnel Management is that phase of management which deals with the effective control and use of manpower. Yoder, Henemen and others agreed that the HRM is a broad concept which covers many personnel aspects and include social, professional and individual enterprise aspects, whereas Personnel Management focuses only on personnel aspects such as leadership, justice determination, task specialisation, staffing, performance appraisal, etc. HRM is more growth-oriented whereas Personnel Management is slightly narrow. Human Resource Planning is very vital in HRM. This is because it leads to the maximum utilization of human resources, reduces excessive labour turnover and high absenteeism;

improves productivity and aids in achieving the objectives of an organisation. In addition to the above function, HRM emphasizes on training, an important area of personnel, which covers the following aspects: 



Improving organisational

Ensuring personnel growth etc. While in practice both pertained to people management philosophically the approach is vastly different. The expectations from Personnel management approach is to „take

of the people...
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