Detailed Lesson Plan in Mapeh

Topics: Musical notation, Whole note, Mensural notation Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: March 14, 2013

a. To distinguish the different kinds of notes.
b. To read the notes that is located in the grand staff.
c. To locate he Major Scales or called octave
Fundamentals of Music /,ACTIVE MAPEH 3, pp.10-31
A. Daily Routine B. REVIEW-Last meeting we tackled about body Movements isn’t it class?-Let’s have a short review, So what is movement? Yes…-Very Good.. C. MOTIVATION-Who among you loves music?-Well, it is good to know class. I know you learn something when you are in your elementary days. D. LESSON PROPER-Because our topic for today is all about the different kinds of notes and the major scale.-So class, what are notes? Yes…-Very Good… * Notes may have one, two, three or more parts which are the heads, stem and hook or hooks * Notes have different shapes to determine their exact value for example is their relative length or duration. * Let’s start with the Whole note ( )And what is a whole note? Yes,,, * Yes Very good.. And take note class that a whole note receives 4 beats. * Next is the half note, Yes..( ) * And half note receives 2 beats. Next is the quarter note and what is a quarter note? Yes? * Yes that’s right.. a quarter note receives one beat ( ). * The next one is the eight note and what is an eight note? ( ) * And an eight note receives.. how many beat? Yes? * Very good.. the next one is the sixteenth note and what is a sixteenth note? Yes? * Very good and a sixteenth note receives one eight beat. So class, did you notice something while an additional hook or shades are placed in the whole note? * What was it?? Yes John? * Very good... well said john.. E. Generalization(I will ask the students to draw the different kinds of notes on the blackboard and label its parts with their corresponding beats. F. Application * Okay class lets clap the beats of the...
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