Desert island sociology essay

Topics: Want, Need, Old age Pages: 6 (2202 words) Published: October 7, 2013
What is society-Desert island task

How To Survive-What is needed.

The essentials to surviving on this desert island it to have 4 things that could help you live a better life. The first and most important thing to surviving is water.Water is needed to keep everyone hydrated and to make sure no one dies of dehydration so some way on this island we need to find fruits with lots of water in or other options as drinking the sea water is not an option. The second most important thing to survive is food.You need food to stay alive and to get energy which you will need a lot of if you are spending a lot of the time working (doing walking and gathering.) The third most important thing is shelter. Shelter is important because having shelter can protect you from things like bad weather but also and animals that may want to eat/harm you. Shelter should be easy to make if we have a few good builders with us as this island has loads of strong green plant which would be perfect for making the roof,floor and walls and there is a lot of high trees to put the shelter in to protect you from what may be on the ground.The fourth most important thing you need is weapons.You will need weapons for a lot of things like killing animals to eat for food,to defend yourself against anything that may want to hurt you and to help you cut any trees/branches down in order to make more room for everyone. These weapons can be made from strong wood,strong green plant,sharp stones and anything that is sharp that can be used as a bow for the bow and arrow.The last thing that is not really essential but really helps is having people who have a good knowledge of survival skills so they can help everyone else survive with their knowledge.

How the various survival tasks and everyday work will be organised.

All the everyday survival tasks and work will be sorted by the adults old enough to work.Working together the adults decide who will be doing what with them all aggreeing with each other. If for one reason there is only one adult for a certain task (for example diving down and collecting certain things from the jet) then they will have to be forced to do the task and if they refuse they will get their share of food and water taken away from them so that will make them do it. If there are any chefs/high quality cookers on board they will have to do all the cooking,making sure food is okay and preparing of food just to make sure that the food they eat is cooked properly and to make sure that we should be eating this type of food and that we won't get food poisoning and preparing the food to make sure anything harmful is taken out of it and that it s safe to eat. Any families with 1-3 children will be advised to take in some children who are here without their parents because they traveled alone and when they get there they would really need comfort of mum/dad so to make sure they are fully cared for and looked after so they can grow up without any problems except probably missing parents from home.Any young adults doing can do the collecting of food from either hunting animals for their meat ,collecting fruit from the tree or fishing in the sea to get fish because if you are younger you are most likely to be more active,fit and healthy whereas some of the older adults may not be but if some older adults are particularly good at hunting then they may do it as well if there is nothing special that they need to do.If teachers/high graded adults are available they will teach all of the children everything that they really need to know. (Things that they may need to know is how to gather fruits/fish,hunt for animals meat,calculate how to share out food equally etc.)they will need to be taught this because the future generation of this island need to know how to care for themself and how to keep alive so they can obviously survive but then help other people in the future to make sure everyone is kept going.Lastly you need people who are good at...
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