Descriptive Essay

Topics: Light, Fluorescent lamp, Shopping mall Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Aidan Stacey
Descriptive essay
Blurred by the rush
I wait Sitting slouched on an alumium bench , head down. As all mall benches, it lacks a back support. People say this is because many mall owners don’t want people sitting around too long. They want them Browsing and buying. As I lifted my head my pupils dilate to see all that was going on. There is plenty of noise, light and boisterous behaviour. It is ludacris , controlled chaos. My attention is caught by a struggling mother with crows eye wrinkles and lightly leathered skin, she try’s to control her twin toddlers. The unpleasant screech clashes with her claim voice. A man behind her stares into a shop window. Gazing at a perfect plastic human figure. He steps back . His greasy palms leave an impression on the glass and the light shines distorted through the prints. He makes his way in the clothing on display. Hords of people pass shop entrances. The music is slightly dulled with waves of voices. I fell as if I’m in an uncomfortable , Artificial environment. As I try to escape mentally , I bow my vision to the grimy , faded tile floor. I managed to spot two pieces of red and blue bubble gum. There is a TV reflection on the floor. Gazing at this blurred advertisement for mother’s day , my mind slips unconsciousness . A moment later I come back with a sudden shock of realization . I feel drugged , overdosed on reality. I leave the mall in a hurry I decide to return much later that evening. I sit on the same bench that lacked an ergonomic design . There was no noise besides some faint, security guard footsteps and the buzzing of the florescent lights. The store windows are crystal clear , and the floor gave off a light ammonium smell. My head felt is clear and I fell at peace. All of the entrances are caged up and majority had fire emergency kits placed behind the cage. My back starts to cramp so I rise , and disappear into the darkness. This has allowed me to experience and witness abnormality. I can see...
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