Dealing with America's Fear of Aging and Death

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Running head: Forever21: Dealing with America’s Fear of Aging and Death

Forever 21: Dealing with America’s Fear of Aging and Death Susan Wright

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Running head: Forever21: Dealing with America’s Fear of Aging and Death


Dealing with America’s Fear of Aging and Death.
The fear of aging is about the loss of physical strength, mental acuity and the ability to be a productive member of society. And of course death. We all want to remain independent, with the energy to remain active and engaged in life to the very end, rather than deteriorating to the point of incapacity. Hopefully death comes peacefully, in our sleep. That's not the image most of us carry of our parents' or grandparents' generations, however, and thus we worry about becoming doddering old fools, a burden to our children, and incapable of taking care of ourselves. I don't fear death because of my spiritual beliefs, but I have had fears of physical and mental incapacity.{Huff Post}

American culture cannot seem to come to terms with growing older or death. “There’s no way I’d want to be 10 anymore. I have so much more freedom now. I’m making money. I can do whatever I want.” But what if you asked him what it would be like to be 40? “It would be awful. I’d be stuck in the rut of a job. I’d be...

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