Customer Analysis

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Customer Analysis
T&J's Boutique will be located in Olathe and Overland Park Kansas. We currently have two locations, both outside of the mall. We are striving for a space inside of the mall because it would be easy access for the costumers. These places are central to the baby community. We feel its essential to locate ourselves in the heartbeats of the youthful community. We also aim to create an atmosphere of friendliness and acceptance, as well as a retail environment where people can have picking out clothes with their friend and family.Specialty youth clothing is a billion dollar position in the clothing industry. Since our target costumers are in the generation z age range, we plan to advertise on the computer and on the television. Thats where they spend most of their time. We visionalize ourselves inside of a shopping center and/or shopping mall. We are trying to sell some of our clothes to large discounters such as Target or Sear because the men and women we are trying to get to buy our clothes may not have jobs and that means less disposable income for higher quality clothing like T&J's Boutique. We want our costumers to see our boutique as a fun place to shop. We also want our costumers to see how luxurious and carefull made our clothes are by not just telling them but showing them. Our plan is to appeal to the peoples age, interest, location, and demographics. The way we would appeal to age is to put things on the clothes that are appropriate for their age group. Not selling winter wear if we live some place warm. Selling things that is just right for that age group for example since we sell youth clothes, we cant have clothes for older people saying its for the youth. Some of our competitors would be Gymboree, Walmart, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc. They all have advertising in parenting mazagines and t.v. commercials. The only threat they may pose it that they have been out longer than we have and their customers may not want to try new things. However...
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