Current Trends and Issues That Affect Today’s Aged Population

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Current Trends and Issues that Affect today’s Aged Population

The aged population holds the rights to the most life experience and trials. The aged population shows their stories on their faces and what it means to live. Many elders when facing the ends of their lives have to face certain issues and trends. The aged will endure changes concerning their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial abilities. He or she will come upon many milestones in late adulthood but there are many ways to help contribute to successful aging.

The aged population deal with a multitude of biological factors that pertain to the aging process. Though it may seem appropriate to assume that chronological age would be a good indicator it is not. “The programmed effects of specific genes and the random cellular events believed to underlie biological aging make physical declines more apparent in late adulthood,” (Berk, 2007, p. 565). Many factors contribute to the biological factors in the aging community, which includes a breakdown of the nervous system, sensory systems, Immune system as well as the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

In late adulthood it is imperative to keep in good health and routine doctor’s visits may help in the prevention of certain illnesses. In keeping with a healthy lifestyle, the elderly community must also be conscious of their amount of physical activity. With the health issues of weakening bones, and weakening muscle strength, may make physical activities more difficult and dangerous. However, along with aging existing as multidimensional, the physical capabilities for the late adulthood community are also multidimensional. If an elderly person is suffering from physical setbacks as well as bad health this may cause other issues such as depression and fatigue. Lacking the fitness to complete everyday mobility may make an elderly person feel like a burden on those who take care of him or he.

Many ways exist in which the late adulthood community can prevent deteriorating health conditions from exercise deemed suitable by a doctor as well as proper nutrition. Vitamin supplements are available at local drugstores, which may promote decreased bone decay and leads to a decreased risk of infectious illness. Technology also offers benefits for the aged to help in their mobility that did not exist half a century ago. Motorized power chairs, health alert bracelets, and pill alarms are helping the late adulthood community live longer. New drugs also have helped with certain medical conditions such as arthritis, which may cause limited mobility.

Memory loss, problem-solving capabilities, and language processing are scary aspects of aging that many must face. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia and according to Berk, p. 580, “Approximately 8 to 10 percent of people over age 65 have the disorder,” (2007). Memory loss and language processing are in close approximation in the aged community. Often memory loss accounts for not remembering certain words or phrases and this makes communicating much more difficult. A cognitive capability that elders seem to excel at in their age is problem solving. It is proven that the aged community is more capable of making IADL’s decisions much better than young, and middle aged adults. Many may assert this to the fact that elderly folks have much higher life experience and wisdom that only comes with older ages.

Many younger adults may argue that the elderly community is forgetful, slow, and unable to work. People do not understand how folks in late adulthood can make better decisions because of their life experiences. “People make better choices when they rely on emotions and past experiences, and older adults may excel in this condition,” (Pederson Publishing, Inc, 2007, p. 1)....

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