Creating A Benchmark Quality in Human Resource

Topics: Assessment, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 15 (2413 words) Published: December 4, 2013
**Delegates from Singapore
companies can now enjoy the
benefits under the Productivity
and Innovation Credit (PIC)
Scheme plus cash bonus under
PIC Bonus!!** Please refer to
terms and conditions below.

Course Facilitator:

Creating a Benchmark
Quality Human
Resources Organization
Build a HR Organization That Is a Competitive Standard In
The Market Through Assessments and Partnerships!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • 26th - 27th August 2013

Mark Eichi
Mark Eichinger
International Human Resources
Coaching and Consulting
Awards & Recognitions
• Westinghouse Electric Corporation:
Golden Grid Award -- Best
Communications Campaign
• Westinghouse Electric Corporation:
Human Resources Award -Compensation Projects

“Mark is an outstanding leader who can focus not just on HR, but on the operation of the business at large, both domestically and internationally. Mark is able to look at both the business and HR strategically, and plan at that level, meanwhile can still ensure that his organization executes the details with excellence.”

~ Vice President Human Resources, SPX Corporation
”Mark, is a terrific senior human resources leader and has worked in developing and driving strategic talent programs across a diverse set of business environments.” ~ President Electrical Segment, Eaton Corporation

“Mark and I have maintained correspondence for close to 8 years. I am struck by Mark’s energy and enthusiasm.”
~ Senior Consultant, Hewitt & Associate

• Process tools drive measurable improvement
in your HR organization
• Assessment tools to evaluate and measure
your departments position and progress
• Career tools that will create greater HR
organization leverage in the organization
• Valuable website references for management
and leadership

“Mark is able to navigate through challenging situations with his sincere interest in others, his sense of humor/optimism, his pragmatic approach to issues, and his genuine passion around talent and creating success for the business.”

~ Vice President & APAC Regional Director, Consulting Solutions at PDI Ninth House

Capitalize on the expert knowledge to gain maximum value
on these vital issues:
Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC)

All business in Singapore can enjoy up to 400%
tax deduction for external training* provided by
UNI Strategic Pte Ltd for up to $ 400,000 for year
of assessment 2013. You can enjoy up to 68%
of tax savings from attending our trainings which
means you only need to pay 1/3 of the course
Alternatively, businesses can opt for a nontaxable cash payout option of 60% of up to $100,000 for year of assessment 2013 meaning
up to a maximum of $60,000
* This includes both trainings in Singapore and
* Both local and foreign employees are eligible
* Course fees only

PIC Bonus (as announced in Budget 2013)
On top of the existing 400% tax deductions/
allowances and/or 60% cash payout (“PIC cash
payout”) under the PIC scheme, the PIC Bonus gives
businesses a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus
for YAs 2013 to 2015, subject to an overall cap of
$15,000 for all 3 YAs combined. Businesses must
incur at least $5,000 in PIC-qualifying expenditure
during the basis period for the YA in which a PIC
Bonus is claimed. The PIC Bonus is taxable.
Please refer to
page04.aspx?id=14566 for more info

DEPLOY a renewable process that leads to continuous improvement OPEN avenues of communication
LEVERAGE your management organization to increase your department’s effectiveness
BUILD valuable partnerships in your organization
LEAD your department in a new direction building benchmark quality practices CHALLENGE your department to take a larger role in the organization MANAGED skillfully, the assessment process can leverage and build greater partnerships in your organization, and benchmark quality practices. DEMONSTRATE a...
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