Controller Review of Job Advertisement

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Assignment on Module 7.

The following review aims at evaluating and creating a suitable hiring process for a Business Controller in Public Administration, using a recent job advertisement posted at

Job description

In the advertisement reviewed, the position as a Business Controller is sought for. A business controller supervises the quality of finance and business reporting in an organization, focusing on performance management, primarily through economic measures. These are used in budget tracking, forecasts, investment reviews and aids in development of procedures. The work involves much contact and interaction with people, taking part in briefings, meetings and field visits. Within the public administration, a trend of decentralization of economic functions is emerging (Svara, 2010). This permits working closely together with the management team of the district, putting the controller in the position to convey information, so that changes in the desired direction can be made. In this way, the mission of the controller is to provide statistics (essential for performance evaluation) for the managerial group, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding the governing of the department.

Reflecting on the advertisement for the position, it is clearly lacking in detailed information. The purpose of advertisement´s is to find a good fit between organization and individual. As it is the individual that need initiate the contact, he needs to be provided with information, allowing him to make an educated choice of employer. Including more specified information allows attraction of appropriate candidates, allowing a more qualified and better fitted group of people in the initial screening group. However, prospective candidates suitable for the position are expected to have previous experiences with related positions, and thus infer details not included. It can further be speculated that giving a minimum of information in the advertisement can act as an initial screening, resulting in only qualified individuals who are familiar to the kind of work will apply, and thus limiting the potentially large number of applicants. However, one must be careful to provide enough information to attract suitable prospects and allow them to prepare their application properly. I therefore suggest that more details regarding the position ought to be posted, allowing the organization to specify the role profile, enabling a good fit between the organization and prospective employee.

Person specification

As described in the advertisement, the appropriate candidate will hold a professional degree in business or economics, in hand with previous experience from similar positions. The position involves working closely with other individuals, having a positive and social attitude. It further mentions the need for pedagogic and analytical skills. This give vague signals to the applicant regarding the level of the position and the way he is expected to work within the organization. In this way, the organization is not clear cut in their communication of what type of people they would like to attract.

Although the advertisement briefly outlines the climate within the organization, it leaves out the mention of future possibilities within the organization, working conditions. It further fails to mention what the successful candidate can expect from his employment and career opportunities. I order to function more efficiently, I suggest expanding the advertisement, allowing the applicant to learn more about the way the organization function and specify the demand of the position. A controller within public administration works as a business partner with decision makers, which requires communication proficiency and leadership skills (Åstradsson, 2010). Communicating this, would allow the attraction of appropriate applicants, developing the resource potential of the organization. In this way, the way the...

References: London, GBR: Kogan Page, Limited, 2006.
Svara, Jim
School of Health and Society Business Economics, Krisitanstad University, 2010.
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