contingency plan

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Despite having a well formulated production schedule, there also needs to be a contingency plan in case anything goes wrong or is unavailable in regards to location, Characters, shooting etc. Location

We have chosen to set our promotional video inside Dubai Mall which will consist of four attractions in the mall; Candylicious, Kidzania, Sega Republic and Dubai Aquarium. Out of all four only three pose a problem, the main problem being the budget. All three of these places have an entry which is fine if it was just the three of us but since we found out we can’t film the children at these places we have to find volunteers and most likely we will have to pay for them too, which is something we cannot afford, as we need a handful of children. As a result, we have to find some new locations which aren’t out of our price range and it’s something we can afford. Cast:

We have few children so far we are still trying to get more to participate, however in the event that selected actors drop out or can’t act, we will assign a backup for each in the event that it does happen. The roles of our husband and wife and other mature actors will have an understudy that is if they decide to drop out as the mature roles don’t require skillful actors, therefore it’s not a problem if volunteers for the role are unable to act exceptionally well as the roles are very basic. However, if the actor can’t make it on that specific day due an illness or any other issue we will film another section of our film so we don’t waste valuable time.

Punctuality& whereabouts:
Shooting in the world’ s largest mall is tricky when you have a video to shoot and a handful or eager children, however, once we arrive we will make note of attendees and absentees , in addition, after we leave or enter a new area a head count will be done to ensure all members are present and aren’t lost. We will all meet at a fixed location point so it’s easier for crew and cast. With regards to punctuality we...
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