Consumerism Essay/Field Research

Topics: Shopping mall, National Mall Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Field Research Paper

To defamiliarize with The Maine Mall was not an easy task, The Maine Mall is the place that I have spent many of my weekends of my life walking around aimlessly, killing time and christmas shopping. It is a hard place to avoid considering it has multiple stores for multiple different types of people. In the Mall complex, between food, huts and actual stores; there are 108 different choices to pick from. That just about covers every possible thing you could need, right? Upon entering The Maine Mall I had already had some preconceived ideas about what was going to be presented to me based on just the outside alone. I visited the mall last saturday with my mom and it had already taken us 10 minutes alone just to find a parking spot. Obviously one notion I had was that it was going to be packed with families. Not only was it school vacation but it is the perfect place for a mother to take her three kids to get them out of her hair. She would be able to drop them off at the new and intriguing store Summit Adventures. After my experience there that saturday I had learned that it was supposed to be a story with little “adventures” purposely aimed at kids around the ages of 8-15. While the mother leaves her kids there she would be able to think easily and not have to worry about her children and where they are every second.

When we entered the mall I had a completely different mind set. I pretended that I had never been here before and that it was frankly, a foreign place to me. When we entered it was through one of the few entrances that didn’t immediately put you in a store. The first image I saw was a mass of people coming and going. I saw baby strollers, toddlers, teenagers, families and even elderly people. Almost immediately i can make the conclusion that the mall appeals to every age. The next thing that happens is a feeling, I am completely overwhelmed, there is people everywhere and so many things to look at. Each store is not...
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