Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour:
Consumer behaviour is to do with the activities of individuals to obtaining and using the goods, and services; it encompasses the decision-making process that proceeds and determines purchases. In the words of Professor Walter C.G. and Professor Paul G.W. it is "the process whereby individuals decide whether, what, when, where, how and from whom to purchase goods and services". Consumer behaviour is all the psychological, social and physical behaviour of potential customers as they become aware of, evaluate, purchase, consumer and tell others about the products or services. In the Present Changing & Competitive environment the taste, preference & purchasing behaviour are also characterized by fast change. Therefore, in order to face the cut throat competition and to survive in the market, a car manufacturing company has to be constantly innovating & updating its technology and understands the latest, consumer trends, tastes and preference. It is realized by studying the buying behavior of consumers that many consumer products that they felt reflected their own special needs, personalities and lifestyles. Consumer behaviour provides invaluable dues and guidelines to market on new technological frontiers, which they should explore to better meet the needs of specific groups of consumers, most marketers adopted a policy of market segmentation & successfully market to different segments the marketing manager needs appropriate marketing strategies, which account for these difference in consumer’s behavior. It plays a very significant role in the decision making process. The Micro Perspective & Societal perspective. The micro perspective involves understanding consumers for the purpose of helping a firm or organization accomplish its objectives. The social perspective can provide insight into aggregate economic & social trends and can perhaps even predict such trends. It may suggest ways to increase the efficiency of the market system & improve the well being of people in society.

Consumers Behavior can be defined as:
"The behavior that consumer display in searching for punching, using, evaluating and disposing of products & service that they expect will satisfy their needs." The decision process & physical activity individuals engaging when evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing of goods and services. A consumer plays a no, of roles in purchase decision. The study, of consumer's behavior would be incomplete if it treated only one consumer role. Some consumers Behavior role are

1Initiator The individual who determines that some or need or want is not being met & authorize to rectify the situation. Influencer A person who by some international or unintentional word or action influences the purchase decision, the actual purchase and the use of the product or service. Buyer The individaqtual who actually makes the purchase transaction. User The person most directly involved in the consumption or use of purchase.

Thus, the importance of CB lies in the fact that behavior can be understand & influenced to ensure a positive purchase decision. So, a round understanding of CB is essential ot the long run success of any marketing program. In fact, it is seen as a cornerstone of the marketing concept. That's why the marketing managers interest lies exactly to ensure that his marketing strategy result in purchase of the product.

Consumer Buying Process:
Understand consumer behaviour makes it mandatory to first understand the buying process. Good many models of consumer behaviour portraying buying process have been developed during the last three decades. These models treat consumer as a decision-maker. Among all these models, the one given by Mr. J.A. Howard and J. Seth in their title THE THEORY OF BUYER BEHAVIOUR is having sophisticated model which is the most comprehensive and, hence, largely accepted. In simple three words the buying process is made...
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