Consumer Behavior essay

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Robinsons Place Bacolod uses the color red as its color. Red is one of the top 2 favorite colors of all people. Red is also a color for good luck. The psychological response of the consumer towards the color red is that it gives them energy, desire, power, attention, motivation, etc. The physiological response that consumer get from red is that it stimulates and energizes the physical body, including the nerves and the circulation of blood, raising blood pressure and heart rate. Robinsons Place Bacolod has a bright interior. The walls are white, the floor tiles are mostly white and the others are brown, green, and yellow, and the lights are bright. White walls are very common for every shopping mall. The mall uses the color white because the color white is a neutral color, and it goes with anything. The color white gives the consumers a calm, fresh, pure, comfort, and independent feeling. The use of white color also makes the mall look wide. The fountain and the elevator of the mall also give the mall a good impression to people.

The ground floor of the mall has mostly food chains and restaurants, and some are boutiques and book stores. The supermarket and the department store are also located at the ground floor. The main purpose of the ground floor is for food purchase. The group has noticed that most fast food chain and restaurants like Jollibee, KFC, Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, and Greenwich possess the color red. The color red gives the people desire, appetite, and cravings. Maybe this is the reason why many people are attracted to these food chains and restaurants.

The second floor mostly contains boutiques, sports wear, clothing lines, shoes, and anything related to fashion. Also, Handyman, Toys R Us, Sun, and Smart are also located there. The main purpose of the second floor is for shopping purposes. The group noticed that the stores/ boutiques are brighter compared to the corridor of the second floor. The brightness of the store could attract...
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